New Category for Posts: LDS Topics

If you’re interested in the LDS aspect of family history, you can now find posts about LDS topics on our blog site. These posts do not appear on the main page of the blog; they are in a separate section (similar to how LDS topics are addressed on the LDS page of The Family History Guide, not in the main areas of the site).

To find LDS posts in our blog,

  1. Hover over “The Family History Guide” (upper-right corner of the blog page).
  2. Select “LDS Topics” from the drop-down menu.
  3. Inside the blog, you can select the “LDS” category (sidebar on the right) to show LDS posts, or clear the category to hide the posts.

You can also go directly to the LDS category of posts by using this link:


Bob Taylor

Bob Taylor

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  1. This is going to be very uplifting and good your our LDS users. The Temple and Family History Consultants and Missionaries worldwide,
    will enjoy this and be inspired by the content. Excellent way to spread the word about how to accomplish their work of helping others as they learn themselves.