Photo recreations – a fun idea from The Family History Guide Activities Section

The Family History Guide Activities Section contains a myriad of ideas to make family history moments and preserve them to enjoy again and again! Consider selecting activities for your family that provide a look into the past (and a lot of laughter in the present) such as the idea to recreate childhood photos. There is something magical about remembering ourselves as we once were.  According to a blog post by Angie Lucas, recreating childhood photos is a fun way to celebrate October as “Family History Month,” and many families seem to agree.

Small and Simple Ways to Celebrate Family History Month: Journey to the Past

One family dug up a few childhood photos and recreated them by posing in the same scenario (photos used with permission). What fun!

Angie also shares the idea to “…photograph your children standing in front of the same landmarks, mimicking the original photos. Post your “now and later” photo pairs on social media with hashtags #familystories or #familyhistory. Or include them as a Story on your FamilySearch profile.”

What fun ideas do you have to celebrate family history month?