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“DIY” – as anyone into home renovation knows – means “Do It Yourself”. There are plenty of tales of DIY success and failure, and it has given birth to a multi-billion industry and even a number of reality TV shows.

So what is “TIY”? That’s the little-known cousin of DIY … “Teach It Yourself”. We at The Family History Guide Association are champions of TIY – we provide you the tools you need to teach and present The Family History Guide yourself, with a minimum of preparation and maximum results.

In a previous blog post, we explained how to use the “40 Things to See and Show” document to do your own presentations of The Family History Guide. The Training section of The Family History Guide also has some great tools to help your TIY efforts in other areas:

  • Course Catalog – You can easily put together mini-classes or full courses, using The Family History Guide website as your material. No slides to prepare!
  • Training Individuals – Coaching friends and acquaintances on family history suddenly got a lot easier with The Family History Guide.
  • Training Families – Q: How do you keep a family interested and involved in family history? A: Give them something they can adapt, enjoy, and reuse – The Family History Guide.
  • Training Consultants – Help Consultants gain the confidence they need to assist others.

And if you need family history activities to make your training complete, be sure to visit the Activities section of the website. There you will find what you need for

Enjoy TIY with The Family History Guide, and take your family history training to the next level.


Bob Taylor

Bob Taylor

2 Responses

  1. I love this! Way to help our readers get to know how The Family History Guide exemplifies DIY’s amazing cousin TIY! Thanks, Bob!

  2. Paraphrasing what noted author, Stephen Covey, once said, effectively teaching others what you have learned, indicates that you have actually learned it yourself. The more we learn about The Family History Guide, the better we can share it to all the world. I like TIY!

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