Family History “Anytime Ideas” for Singles from The Family History Guide

Nothing makes family history more meaningful than personal involvement. If you are a single adult (with or without children), your life (and the lives of those you love) can be enriched through family history activities. When schedules are busy (even hectic can we say?), it’s nice to have some quick and easy ideas that can basically be done pretty much whenever you can squeeze out even a little bit of time. Check out these Anytime Activities found in the Family History Guide Activities Section.

    • Keep Your Personal Journal— Of the hundreds of reasons to write about your life, perhaps one of the most important is to Document your life, both for yourself and for generations to come.  Alan Henry, the author of the blog Lifehacker, researched how keeping a journal has additional great benefits you can enjoy immediately. He suggests the following reasons why you might want to sit down

regularly to jot down your thoughts (read more about them here)             Henry explains that regular writing has mental health benefits such as providing a safe, cathartic release valve for the stresses of your daily life. Keeping a journal helps harness creativity, and helps you deal with traumatic, stressful, or otherwise emotional events. It’s been specifically effective for people with severe illnesses, like cancer. In addition, Henry explains that regular writing has practical benefits“serving as a reminder of mistakes you’ve made, accomplishments you’re proud of, and great moments you want to remember…You don’t have to be a creative worker to appreciate looking back over the things you did well, and the things you need to work on. Seeing your own mistakes before they’re pointed out to you is a great thing, and documenting your achievements makes sure they’re never overlooked.” Simply put, journal writing can improve your life in remarkable ways! Find more inspiration and ideas here.

    • Find Your Relatives in the Room
      See how your friends and acquaintances at a get-together may actually be related to you. Learn the details of how to use the app in this FamilySearch blog post in which Matt Wright suggests the following “best scenarios” to give this new feature a try:

      • Church group—Find out who in your congregation is also part of your family tree. Fun at a weekday party or activity, and useful in a Sunday class.
      • Out with friends? Check to see if you are related. You may have more in common with your friends than just hiking, reading, or a love of adorable cat videos.
      • Neighbors—Easy to do as you talk with neighbors across the fence. Interesting to see if you have flocked to the same area as your distant relatives.
      • Coworkers—A fun work party activity, or a unique way to build unity and connection among those that work in the same office.
  • Family history recipe bake-off
    With your family or with a group, plan an event where family recipes will be used to create delectable dishes. Taste-testing and awards will make for a fun evening, with a lot of family history stories shared. Perhaps some family heirloom cookbooks will get their start from this fun activity! Check out these ideas for recipe sharing activities.

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