Tidying Up the Vault

Do you have a utility room, a food storage room, or a garage with all sorts of great stuff inside but a fair amount of clutter as well? Every so often you just need to roll up your sleeves and tidy up the space. And that’s what we have done with our favorite storage room in The Family History Guide – the Vault.

Let’s step inside and see what’s new. (Nothing scary here, even though Halloween is a week away …)

Navigation Links in the Header

We have replaced the vertical Index with a series of links in the header area of the page. To show them, click the Topics link near the top of the page. The links help you get to Vault topics quickly and easily. The links remain visible until you click Topics again. Below is a partial list of the Topic links.

New Table Format for Vault Entries

Instead of using long, scrolling lists we now use tables to show the Vault entries. This saves space and cuts down on scrolling.

Video links are marked with “V” and are the first entries in tables, followed by the article links (“A”).

No More “Top” Links

The old Vault page had “Top” links every so often to take you back to the top of the page. These have been removed, as it’s easier to navigate now with the header links.


We hope you enjoy the new Vault format. Step inside and see what treasures you might find!




Bob Taylor

Bob Taylor

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  1. Bob, this is incredibly functional and must easier to navigate. It is fresh and so helpful. Thank you!