Using The Family History Guide Trackers with your Family

The Family History Guide trackers provide a fun, efficient way to track your progress through the Family History Guide from anywhere you have internet access.  They help you know what you do and don’t know, and provide a solution to what happens sometimes when you stare at the computer and are not sure what to do next in your family history work! Trackers are included for each project for Family Search (FS), Ancestry (AN), My Heritage (MH), and Find My Past (FP) and are easy to use. Printable Word trackers can be accessed here for Family Search (see photo below).  Look for the access link under the Title/description below each project (for FS, AN, MH, and FHP) on the left-hand side of the screen. 


The online trackers for Family Tree on Family Search can be viewed here and look like this:


(Note: If you are new to the Online Tracker, you will need to set up a username and password in order to log in and use the database.) The word and online trackers can both be accessed from the Misc. tab of the Family History Guide. An example for Family Search follows: Continue reading “Using The Family History Guide Trackers with your Family”

Find help to build your family tree using The Family History Guide and create a timeline in TWILE

Just sharing something I am so excited about! One of the family history activities listed on the Youth Page of The Family History Guide Family Activities section (Documenting the Past) is to create a timeline using Twile. I am having so much fun with Twile – an interactive, cloud-based service in which you can create a timeline of your family’s past, present, and future. Made up of photos and milestones (such as births, marriages, deaths, and any other event you would like to add), it tells the story of your family from your earliest known ancestor right through to today.

One idea is to go to The Family History Guide to make sure your family tree is ready to be imported. See steps for the following:  FamilySearch,   MyHeritageFindmypast, or  Ancestry.  Next, you can import a GEDCOM file (instructions here). See how Twile has integrated with FamilySearch to make importing a “one button” snap! Add more recent events from your own life, and then invite your family to explore and contribute.  There is no end to the fun of personalizing your timeline!  Continue reading “Find help to build your family tree using The Family History Guide and create a timeline in TWILE”

Announcing the new Family Section of The Family History Guide

September 7th was a red-letter day for the Family History Guide with the launch of the FAMILY SECTION – the new “go-to” place for ideas, inspiration, and resources for family history activities.

Here you will find something for everyone – families, singles, youth, and children:

1. Anytime Activities and Games
2. Plan-Ahead Activities
3. Making family history
4. Documenting the Past
5. Social Media Activities
6. Service Activities
7. Activities for Research
8. LDS Activities

We invite you to explore the new FAMILY SECTION which is accessed from the Misc. Menu tab in The Family History Guide or find it here.

 This may be exactly what you have been looking for – come join in the fun!

Fostering Independent Learning with The Family History Guide

One of the things I love the most about The Family History Guide is how it allows a person to grow and learn independently.  Of course everyone needs help when they are getting started with family history, but how long can a person realistically sit at another person’s elbow as they go forward in their learning?  If we don’t foster that independent learning and their confidence that comes from it, we are doing them a disservice by creating a co-dependency.

I am not saying that we can only help them so long and then they are on their own.  Everyone is an individual with specific needs.  We should always be available to answer any questions that people have.  But if we don’t allow them to try on their own after a training period, they will not progress as they could and should.

Continue reading “Fostering Independent Learning with The Family History Guide”


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