Context Switching and Family History: From Foe to Friend

I am proud to say that I can walk and chew gum at the same time! I’ve done it so often that I’m quite confident in my skills. When the tasks gets more complicated than that, however, I don’t always do so well.

Many of us consider ourselves true multi-taskers, but there are some trade-offs there, especially when it comes to doing family history. In this article I’ll discuss some myths and facts about multi-tasking and how they relate to a potential roadblock to your progress: context switching.

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Tidying Up the Vault

Do you have a utility room, a food storage room, or a garage with all sorts of great stuff inside but a fair amount of clutter as well? Every so often you just need to roll up your sleeves and tidy up the space. And that’s what we have done with our favorite storage room in The Family History Guide – the Vault.

Let’s step inside and see what’s new. (Nothing scary here, even though Halloween is a week away …)

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U.S. County Research with The Family History Guide

When you’re looking for information on your ancestors in the United States, remember to take advantage of resources at the county level. These may include vital records, directories, census records, military records, newspapers, and more.

The Family History Guide can be a great asset for your research. Here are four items to explore when you are looking into doing county research. Each item has a corresponding link in The Family History Guide for reference.

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