Finding What You Need in The Family History Guide

If you are new to The Family History Guide, you may have wondered how to find a bit of information you are looking for. Let’s say you need to learn about adoption records, or you would like to do some research in Tennessee. How can you find what you’re after, quickly and easily?

This blog post offers three handy tips for finding information in The Family History Guide:

  • Topics page
  • Site map
  • Search bar

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Cousin Connections Can Bring Astonishing Results

Have you gone to the Memories section of Family Search yet?  The Family History Guide can teach you how to use this valuable section that is accessible on the Home page Project 2.  The Memories Section of FamilySearch is a compilation of photos and stories and documents that you or others can add to your ancestors’ pages.  The advantage to that is that once added, they can be preserved and shared in a safe place for all to enjoy.  It is so worthwhile to learn how to use this feature of FamilySearch Family Tree.  Your precious photos and documents will be so much safer there than is a box somewhere.

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Tidying Up the Vault

Do you have a utility room, a food storage room, or a garage with all sorts of great stuff inside but a fair amount of clutter as well? Every so often you just need to roll up your sleeves and tidy up the space. And that’s what we have done with our favorite storage room in The Family History Guide – the Vault.

Let’s step inside and see what’s new. (Nothing scary here, even though Halloween is a week away …)

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Planning Ahead to Make Your Next Family Reunion Family History Centered and a Lot of Fun

The Family History Guide features a list of creative ideas and links to aid in planning your next family reunion. You will find them in the “Plan Ahead Activities”  section of the Family Activities page in the drop-down menu under “Misc.” This is a great “go-to” place to find a variety of ways to include fun family history centered activities in your reunion agenda. Check out 10 great ideas for family reunions (F2-07) which also includes links to suggestions and ideas on the following sites:  (FamilySearch  Ancestry  MyHeritage, and FindMyPast).  You will also find 10 more ideas (F2-08), courtesy of the Lisa Louise Cook website. Learn how to introduce DNA testing to reunion conversations with information from this FamilySearch post. The varied ideas for a successful family history centered family reunion seem endless!  Continue reading “Planning Ahead to Make Your Next Family Reunion Family History Centered and a Lot of Fun”

The Family History Guide Achieves Public Charity Status – 501(c)(3)

It’s a day that has been a long time coming, from a dream to reality. We knew that we needed to take the next step and become a nonprofit organization, so we formed The Family History Guide Association about 6 months ago. As of last week, the final piece has come into place: the Association is now recognized by the IRS as an official public charity with 501(c)(3) status, which means that donors can receive tax credits for their donations. Because our income depends on donations, this has huge significance for us. We owe a huge thanks to the efforts of Bob Ives in bringing our 501(c)(3) status to completion.

So why do we need increased donations? To put it simply, we have big plans. We have come a long way in just over 2 years, including partnerships with FamilySearch, MyHeritage and others, and an expanding role at RootsTech. We have already brought the joys of family history to many throughout the world. But the opportunities ahead of us are enormous – and exciting. Here are a few of them:

  • We will be greatly expanding training efforts in the United States and beyond, and that will require people, equipment, and travel budgets.
  • Our presence at RootsTech is growing, and that means increased costs for booth space and marketing materials.
  • We plan to attend many more family history and genealogy conventions and fairs, which will significantly increase travel and equipment costs.

We are excited about finally becoming a public charity 501(c)(3) organization, and we will continue our pledge to keep The Family History Guide free for everyone and best-in-class. To learn more about the Association and the opportunity to make tax-deductible donations, please visit

Thanks for your support and enthusiasm for The Family History Guide!

U.S. County Research with The Family History Guide

When you’re looking for information on your ancestors in the United States, remember to take advantage of resources at the county level. These may include vital records, directories, census records, military records, newspapers, and more.

The Family History Guide can be a great asset for your research. Here are four items to explore when you are looking into doing county research. Each item has a corresponding link in The Family History Guide for reference.

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Announcing Openings for Content Specialists

The Family History Guide is a game-changer in how family history and learning are done worldwide. As it continues to grow and improve, The Family History Guide Association is announcing several openings for volunteer Content Specialists. As a Content Specialist for The Family History Guide website, you will

  • Find family history online resources that would make good additions to the content in The Family History Guide and communicate them to the staff.
  • Review existing content in The Family History Guide, including currently used web resources, to recommend updates or improvements in content.

Here are the requirements:

  • Basic familiarity with the content in The Family History Guide
  • Solid Internet and written/verbal communication skills
  • Commitment to two or more hours per week in assigned content work on The Family History Guide

If this opportunity resonates with you, we would love to hear from you! Please send a brief bio outlining your experience in family history and Internet / computer skills to We look forward to working with you in accomplishing our mission: to spread the joys of family history involvement worldwide.

Learning From The Best!

My husband, Jim, and I have spent an incredible week in Utah.  This is my first time back to Utah since I joined the Family History Guide staff as the Social Media Coordinator.  Last Saturday I went to the Springville Family History Center’s Springville Family History Fair.  It was a full day of wonderful speakers.

First I listened to Robert Kehrer, Senior Project Manager for FamilySearch.  He is so knowledgeable about all things concerning FamilySearch.  He spoke about what is already there and what is coming in the future and it was fascinating. Hearing his talks the first two hours was a real bonus.

My primary purpose in attending that conference was to hear from James Tanner, the Chairman of the Board for The Family History Guide.  He and his wife Ann, also a Family History Guide Board Member, were there and he gave a wonderful introduction to many who were learning about The Family History Guide for the first time.  I absolutely love to see people’s first reactions to this ‘good news’ website.  The first reaction is astonishment and excitement as the presentation unfolds. The last comment is usually, “Why didn’t I know about this before?”  If you love the Family History Guide as we do, please share it with others.

One thing James said is that if he had had The Family History Guide years ago it would have taken 15 years off the time it took him to learn the information he needed to be effective as a genealogist and family historian.  That was impressive for sure!

The second thing we came to Utah for was to attend our weekly management meeting that I usually attend via conference calling. It was a sheer delight to be here with this wonderful and talented group of people.  This one hour alone was worth the 12 hour drive to get here.

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Celebrate October As Family History Month With Fun Activities To Create Connection

The Family History Guide Activities Section is a treasure house of ideas to create connection in the lives of those we love. In a blog post for FamilySearch, Rachel Coleman wrote:  “The United States celebrates October as National Family History Month and for good reason. Knowing, recording, preserving, and sharing our family histories can provide countless benefits to individuals, families, and entire societies. Family history is more than pedigree charts, censuses, and birthdates—it can be a powerful antidote against adverse life experiences that we face today, giving us a stronger understanding of who we are and motivating us to deepen our roots for generations to come.” She listed six reasons why we need family history now more than ever – core identity, connection, compassion, resilience, selflessness, and self-worth. Describing the need for human beings to Continue reading “Celebrate October As Family History Month With Fun Activities To Create Connection”

Update to the Activities Section of the Family History Guide

Bob Taylor added ID numbers to the youth, family, and children’s pages of The Family History Guide Activities Section to help identify activities more quickly, and reference them with ease. Take a look at these examples from the youth page:

1. Anytime Activities and Games

Overview: With modern technology, family history activities can be a snap! You might just need an idea and a little nudge in the right direction to discover that family history can be a fun and inspirational part of your life!

Y1-01: Not Just for Kids!
Everyone can have fun finding out more about their ancestors and family trees. You can be a big help to younger children to teach them how to play games. You can also participate with them in exploring family trees, timelines, and more.
Find some cool games and activities in the FamilySearch App Gallery.

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