Cousin Connections Can Bring Astonishing Results

Have you gone to the Memories section of Family Search yet?  The Family History Guide can teach you how to use this valuable section that is accessible on the Home page Project 2.  The Memories Section of FamilySearch is a compilation of photos and stories and documents that you or others can add to your ancestors’ pages.  The advantage to that is that once added, they can be preserved and shared in a safe place for all to enjoy.  It is so worthwhile to learn how to use this feature of FamilySearch Family Tree.  Your precious photos and documents will be so much safer there than is a box somewhere.

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Visit the Discovery Center in SLC, Utah – A Fun Family History Activity Idea

One of the ideas from the family section in the Family History Guide  is to visit the Salt Lake City Family History Library DISCOVERY CENTER to find out about your ancestors! Open for LDS church members and non-members, the Family History Library at 35 N West Temple in Salt Lake City, hosts a myriad of interactive discovery experiences. Check it out if you are in town – or consider making a trip to SLC!  The new, free attraction is 10,139 square feet on the library’s main floor and uses technology to introduce visitors to their family trees.
“This multi-million-dollar project enables personalized interactive exhibits to connect families with their ancestors,” Elder Dale G. Renlund of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints’ Quorum of the Twelve Apostles stated during a grand opening event. “Whether one believes in God or not, these things ground us and help us know who we are.” Continue reading “Visit the Discovery Center in SLC, Utah – A Fun Family History Activity Idea”

The Family History Guide’s “Memories Project” – your blueprint for posting and sharing family stories

Preserving and sharing family history stories is a passion for many people, and I am definitely one of those. I want my posterity to know, love, and learn from their ancestors. I have found that combining an activity with telling a story often makes all the difference in its long-lasting influence. Inspiring stories of faith and fortitude that is in our FamilySearch “Memories” gallery. Step-by-step instructions for adding documents, photos, and audio files in FS “Memories” are found here in the Family History guide Project 2.

To combine the telling of stories with a family activity this summer, we decided to focus on my maternal grandfather, Vaughn Elijah Maxfield, who was one of fourteen children (ten boys) born to Mary Ann and Henry Dilworth Maxfield. This hard-working, dedicated couple raised their children in a small two-story house in Emery, Utah. Grandpa Max was fond of saying that when he and his siblings were naughty and their dad would threaten to spank them all, he would volunteer to be first so that he could laugh at the others. We visited his grave site at Camp Williams with some of our grandchildren and shared Continue reading “The Family History Guide’s “Memories Project” – your blueprint for posting and sharing family stories”

Recording Family History Stories – tips from the Family History Guide

The Family History Guide’s Family Section is the place to go to find suggestions for preserving your family history stories. One idea is to interview parents and grandparents (or anyone!) while gathering in a story room at an LDS Family History Center. Be assured that your video recording will be of high quality and that assistants will be there to help. The Riverton Family History Center is near to our home so we use that location. Find a list of other locations here. Our family had a beautiful experience using the questions in the 52 Stories from Family Search to interview my parents. Their grandchildren and great-grandchildren took turns asking questions that they had decided upon ahead of time and written down. (The library also has a great list of questions to use.) Thinking about what to ask ahead of time avoided overlap and helped us learn about varied aspects of the lives of my parents and their family – our family! We now have this priceless interview recorded on a thumb drive (purchase these at the library before the recording session) which we will share with  Continue reading “Recording Family History Stories – tips from the Family History Guide”