Finding What You Need in The Family History Guide

If you are new to The Family History Guide, you may have wondered how to find a bit of information you are looking for. Let’s say you need to learn about adoption records, or you would like to do some research in Tennessee. How can you find what you’re after, quickly and easily?

This blog post offers three handy tips for finding information in The Family History Guide:

  • Topics page
  • Site map
  • Search bar

Topics Page

You can find the link for the Topics page near the bottom of the Intro menu. This page is an alphabetical list of topics and features in The Family History Guide, with links for each one. Need to learn about adoption records? The link is right there in the A section. Also note the new entries in the header area for FamilySearch, Ancestry, MyHeritage, and Findmypast. These links take you to sections of the Topics page that deal specifically with Partner topics.

Site Map

The Site Map┬álink is located at the bottom of the Intro menu. The Site Map is a handy page for seeing all the menu items laid out at once, including the countries and U.S. states. So if you can’t remember where a particular country is listed in the Countries page, you can find it alphabetically in the Site map.

Search Bar

The Search bar is located under the main picture on most pages in The Family History Guide. Type in a term you’re looking for on our site, and Google returns a list of popular items to match your search terms.

Bob Taylor

Bob Taylor

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