Serving a side dish of family history for Thanksgiving Dinner

The Family History Guide Activities Section makes it easy to include family history fun in your Thanksgiving celebration. New activities you choose to do this year just may become traditions that make Thanksgiving day more fun, meaningful, and memorable for years to come.  Traditions are unique and varied wherever and whenever you find families celebrating a day of gratitude. What comes to your mind at the mention of this particular holiday? Is it imagining the luscious aroma of the over-stuffed turkey slowly roasting in the oven or the vision of over-stuffed family members lounging on the couch, watching a football game after the feast?

Perhaps your family doesn’t have a tradition of watching football, but they participate in other entertaining family activities year after year. My husband’s family has a tradition of some members always crawling behind a couch after dinner and moaning out loud from the discomfort of over-eating! I was a bit surprised when my mother-in-law and her sister did that the first Thanksgiving I spent with them

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The Family History Guide at Rootstech 2018

The Family History Guide Association is delighted to participate in Rootstech 2018! In addition to having a booth in the Expo Hall all four days, our vice-president and executive director, Bob Ives, will be presenting Introduction to The Family History Guide on Friday, March 2nd at 3 pm.


Attendees will be able to successfully navigate the free The Family History Guide website ( to get an introduction to family history, and to accelerate their learning and progress with FamilySearch, Ancestry, MyHeritage, and Findmypast. Objectives that will be covered Continue reading “The Family History Guide at Rootstech 2018”

Family History Activities – “I do and I understand”

Much has been written about the benefits of helping children and youth connect to their ancestors through family history activities. For example, research published in Emory University’s Journal of Family Life showed that children and teens who know stories about relatives who came before them show higher levels of emotional well-being and connection –  “Family stories provide a sense of identity through time, and help children understand who they are in the world.”     Finding fun, relevant activities to fit the needs of your family is easy and convenient with the Family Activities Section of the Family History Guide at your fingertips! So many fun ideas from which to choose and each can bless your family in unique ways. Continue reading “Family History Activities – “I do and I understand””

Results of the Worldwide Indexing Event

Thanks to all who participated in the 2017 Worldwide Indexing Event on October 20–22!

Read all about the Results of the WORLDWIDE INDEXING EVENT and stand in awe with us that over seven million new family history records will now be available on thanks to volunteers around the world! Check out additional information on the FamilySearch blog, and read about how “throughout the event, nearly 80,000 people worked to transcribe historical documents to make them searchable online, including over 9,000 first-time FamilySearch indexing volunteers. Participants represented 116 countries, 10 languages, and all ages, making this a true worldwide event. The following number of volunteers joined the event:  Continue reading “Results of the Worldwide Indexing Event”

Planning Ahead to Make Your Next Family Reunion Family History Centered and a Lot of Fun

The Family History Guide features a list of creative ideas and links to aid in planning your next family reunion. You will find them in the “Plan Ahead Activities”  section of the Family Activities page in the drop-down menu under “Misc.” This is a great “go-to” place to find a variety of ways to include fun family history centered activities in your reunion agenda. Check out 10 great ideas for family reunions (F2-07) which also includes links to suggestions and ideas on the following sites:  (FamilySearch  Ancestry  MyHeritage, and FindMyPast).  You will also find 10 more ideas (F2-08), courtesy of the Lisa Louise Cook website. Learn how to introduce DNA testing to reunion conversations with information from this FamilySearch post. The varied ideas for a successful family history centered family reunion seem endless!  Continue reading “Planning Ahead to Make Your Next Family Reunion Family History Centered and a Lot of Fun”

Celebrate October As Family History Month With Fun Activities To Create Connection

The Family History Guide Activities Section is a treasure house of ideas to create connection in the lives of those we love. In a blog post for FamilySearch, Rachel Coleman wrote:  “The United States celebrates October as National Family History Month and for good reason. Knowing, recording, preserving, and sharing our family histories can provide countless benefits to individuals, families, and entire societies. Family history is more than pedigree charts, censuses, and birthdates—it can be a powerful antidote against adverse life experiences that we face today, giving us a stronger understanding of who we are and motivating us to deepen our roots for generations to come.” She listed six reasons why we need family history now more than ever – core identity, connection, compassion, resilience, selflessness, and self-worth. Describing the need for human beings to Continue reading “Celebrate October As Family History Month With Fun Activities To Create Connection”

Update to the Activities Section of the Family History Guide

Bob Taylor added ID numbers to the youth, family, and children’s pages of The Family History Guide Activities Section to help identify activities more quickly, and reference them with ease. Take a look at these examples from the youth page:

1. Anytime Activities and Games

Overview: With modern technology, family history activities can be a snap! You might just need an idea and a little nudge in the right direction to discover that family history can be a fun and inspirational part of your life!

Y1-01: Not Just for Kids!
Everyone can have fun finding out more about their ancestors and family trees. You can be a big help to younger children to teach them how to play games. You can also participate with them in exploring family trees, timelines, and more.
Find some cool games and activities in the FamilySearch App Gallery.

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Photo recreations – a fun idea from The Family History Guide Activities Section

The Family History Guide Activities Section contains a myriad of ideas to make family history moments and preserve them to enjoy again and again! Consider selecting activities for your family that provide a look into the past (and a lot of laughter in the present) such as the idea to recreate childhood photos. There is something magical about remembering ourselves as we once were.  According to a blog post by Angie Lucas, recreating childhood photos is a fun way to celebrate October as “Family History Month,” and many families seem to agree. Continue reading “Photo recreations – a fun idea from The Family History Guide Activities Section”

You are invited to the webinar “Family History Activities With The Family History Guide” presented by Bob Taylor

This coming week, Bob Taylor, CEO of The Family History Guide Association, will present a webinar featuring The Family History Guide Activities Section. He will discuss how using this invaluable resource will help families, singles, youth, and children to experience the joys of family history activities.  Family history activities are an integral ingredient in fulfilling the mission statement of The Family History Guide “To greatly increase the number of people actively involved in family history worldwide, and to make everyone’s family history journey easier, more efficient, and more enjoyable.”

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Try DNA testing as a family – The Family History Guide offers the “why, how, who, and what”

If you and your family have been thinking about DNA testing but don’t know how to get started, check out The Family History Guide for step-by-step suggestions (Project 8 for FamilySearch, Project 7 for Ancestry, and Project 7 for MyHeritage). The modern trend to discover the past and further family history research using this incredible new technology is an idea whose time has definitely arrived! According to Diahan Southard (see DNA Testing at Family Reunions), these days it “seems to be very difficult to have any discussion on family history without mentioning three little letters: D-N-A.” She explains that while “family history enthusiasts and serious genealogists are flocking to testing companies like AncestryDNA to help them further their family history efforts, there

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