What’s New in the Online Tracker

The free Online Tracker for The Family History Guide has been up and running for about 7 months, and it now has over 1,100 registered users. (It’s the only part of The Family History Guide that requires a username and password; the rest of the site does not.) With the Online Tracker, or “OLT” as we sometimes call it, you can keep track of your notes and progress in The Family History Guide in a secure online database.

Today we updated the OLT in a number of ways to help your user experience be even better. Here’s a list of the new enhancements, going from top to bottom of the screen:

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Context Switching and Family History: From Foe to Friend

I am proud to say that I can walk and chew gum at the same time! I’ve done it so often that I’m quite confident in my skills. When the tasks gets more complicated than that, however, I don’t always do so well.

Many of us consider ourselves true multi-taskers, but there are some trade-offs there, especially when it comes to doing family history. In this article I’ll discuss some myths and facts about multi-tasking and how they relate to a potential roadblock to your progress: context switching.

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The Family History Guide Will Help You Find Your Way

Editor’s Note: The following article is republished from the Family History Newsletter of the Ogden FamilySearch Library. Thanks to Elder and Sister Erickson!

Do you like family history, but feel a little overwhelmed by the fire hose of information that is out on the Internet? Then you’ll like the Family History Guide, a fairly new learning, resource, and training center for genealogy.

Bob Ives, the Family History Guide Association’s vice president and executive director, spoke at the Ogden FamilySearch Library Saturday, October 21, 2017 to a large crowd. He said the Family History Continue reading “The Family History Guide Will Help You Find Your Way”

The Updated Course Catalog

Now that the Partner pages have been included in The Family History Guide, we felt it was time to update the Course Catalog to include classes for the Partner pages. While we were at it, we decided to freshen up the rest of the catalog page as well. Below is a brief rundown of the changes that were recently made – be sure to check them out at www.thefhguide.com/train-catalog.html.

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Starting Your Research With What you Already Know

Most of us want to know about our immigrant ancestor, the one who came across a border or crossed an ocean to come to America.  Unless you are a first generation immigrant, you have to work with United States (or the country of your birth) records first.  Continue reading “Starting Your Research With What you Already Know”

Exploring The Family History Guide Course Catalog

In a previous blog (Family History Training: A Different Approach), I explained how The Family History Guide takes the heavy lifting out of course preparation by providing a central place to find training content. In this blog, I’ll review how the Course Catalog for The Family History Guide helps you find ready-made topics and materials to teach. Continue reading “Exploring The Family History Guide Course Catalog”

Announcing Our New Director of Training

Please join me in welcoming Melanie Bosselman as the new Director of Training for The Family History Guide Association. Melanie has been with the Association for over six months in a project management role, and we are excited to enlist her talents to help our global training efforts expand and improve. Melanie is currently also the Training Coordinator for the Cheyenne Wyoming Family History Center.

One of her key assignments will be to build our new Regional Trainer program, which will help carry The Family History Guide into more classrooms, centers, and homes around the world. She will also help with the enhancement of the content and materials in the Training section of the website.

Melanie’s new assignment is effective immediately, and we look forward to her being a key part of the exciting new phase of training with The Family History Guide.


Bob Taylor
CEO / Development Director

The Family History Guide Association

Family History Training: A Different Approach

Do either of these questions seem familiar?

  • “I need to teach a class on <xyz family history topic> for the first time. Should I borrow Tom’s slide deck and change it around, or should I make my own? I only have a few days to prepare, and there are handouts to print, files to proofread and upload …”
  • “I like attending family history classes, but I often wonder what to do next, after the class is over. And I wish I could remember what the instructor said in between those PowerPoint bullets …”

This is how family history training has been done for a very long time – it’s labor-intensive and prone to learning gaps. Is there another way? Continue reading “Family History Training: A Different Approach”