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Here's a collection of additional documents and videos on family history—these are not included in the main Projects. The resources in the vault are considered secondary in importance, while those in the main pages are of primary importance. The Vault resources can be useful for extra information as you explore family history topics.


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Computer Basics

V  Learn Computer Basics, Part 1 (40:57) V  Basic Computing Skills (41:36) A  FS: Forgotten Username or Password   |   PT   A  FS: Understanding Domain Names and URLs

Family History Basics

V  FS: Getting Started (10:09) V  NGS: Paths to Your Past (11:51) V  AC: Favorite Genealogy Myths Debunked (5:00) V  BYU: Don't You Believe It! Myths Debunked (60:00)
V  Success Tips for Starting Genealogy (39:00) V  Ancestry to FamilySearch (10:42) V  BYU: Why Use the FamilySearch Family Tree (72:48) V  AC: Getting Started in Family History (2:15)
A  History at Home—A Guide to Genealogy A  5 Common Mistakes of Beginning Genealogists A  Starting Your Genealogy Research A  FS: Beginning Research Techniques
A  Top Ten Tips for Starting Your Family History A  Genealogy 101 A  Family History Research A  Genealogy and the Law
A  GT: Getting Started A  AB: First Steps to Finding Your Roots A  AB: How to Begin Tracing Your Family Tree A  NYC Genealogy

Family Tree


V  BYU: FamilySearch Family Tree Q&A Session (57:27) V  BYU: FamilySearch—Obscure Elements Revealed (12:00)

Sources: About

V  FS: I Want to Learn More about Sourcing (4:24) V  AC: Sourcing Vital Records (26:00) V  AC: Sourcing Information Not on Ancestry (28:00) A  GC: The Value of Documentation
A  LDS: Why Do We Add Sources? A  RIV: Search Tools in Family Tree

Sources: Adding

V  Adding Sources in FamilySearch Family Tree V  FS: How to Link Unindexed Records to FamilySearch (10:00) V  BYU: Adding Sources to the FamilySearch Family Tree (57:45) A  FS Blog: How to Add Sources

Sources: Citing

V  FS: Citing Sources (22:00) V  AC: Crafting Source Citations (27:00) V  BYU: Add Source Citations with Online Apps A  GC: Citing Sources
A  AB: Verifying Online Genealogy Sources A  AB: How to Cite Genealogy Sources A  BW: Writing Full Citations

Analysis: About

V  FS: Evidence Analysis, Part 1 (37:00) V  FS: Evidence Analysis, Part 2 (27:00) V  AC: Negative Evidence (30:50) V  AC: Evaluating Sources (29:00)
V  AC: Reasonably Exhaustive Searches (29:00) V  AC: Searching vs. Researching (27:30) A  AB: Evidence or Proof? A  Fact or Fiction: How to Analyze Your Research
A  AB: Analyzing a Historical Document A  FE: Transcribing and Summarizing Genealogical Documents A  BW: Correlate Evidence A  BW: Evidence Analysis

Analysis: Conflicts

V  AC: Which Source Do I Believe? (29:00) V  AC: Resolving Conflicting Evidence (23:00) A  FE: When the Information Doesn't Agree

Analysis: Corrections

V  AC: Corrections and Comments (16:00) V  BYU: What's Behind "Show All Changes" (30:03) V  AC: Trimming the Family Tree (33:39) V  AC: Correcting Mistakes in the Tree (33:00)
V  AC: Clean Up Your Tree (23:34) V  BYU: Untangling Difficulties in the FamilySearch Family Tree (58:55) V  BYU: Merging Duplicates in Family Tree (10:33) V  BYU: Finding and Merging Duplicate Records in Family Tree (58:55)
A  FS: Missing Parent in Pedigree A  RIV: Fixing a Looping Pedigree A  FS: Deleting a Person from the System A  FS: Restoring a Deleted Person
A  FS: Why Others Can Change Your Information



V  FS: Getting Started—Ancestors (25:00) V  BYU: Adding Memories in FamilySearch (11:30) V  BYU: Adding Memories to FS Family Tree (54:00) A  GC: Getting Started in Research

Preserving Memories

V  BYU: Caring for Your Family Heirlooms (58:42) V  BYU: Preserving Your Family Records (57:01) A  Family Artifacts and Genealogy A  Perspectives on Personal Digital Archiving
A  When In Doubt, Don't Throw It Out A  Preservation of Artifacts A  Simple Steps to Storing Old Family Photos A  GC: Heirloom Hints
A  Save Your Stuff A  AC: 8 Steps for Protecting Water-Damaged Photos A  FS: 3 Keys to a Great Photo Backup Plan


V  BYU: Scanning Basics—Before You Start (39:25) V  BYU: Photo Organizing (12:30) A  RIV: Adding Photos to Family Tree A  MH: The Power of Photos
A  AC: Scanning Sense A  FS: Problems with Internet Explorer and FamilySearch A  FS: Changing to and from Photos and Documents A  AC: Organizing and Preserving a Family Photo Collection


V  AC: Interviewing Family—Tips (50:00) A  GC: Topics and Questions for Oral Histories A  GC: Organizing Oral History Information A  FE: Steps to a Successful Interview
A  AC: Interview Questions A  Family History Questions You May Not Have Thought to Ask


V  FS: Gathering Family Stories—Ancestors (25:00) V  AC: Telling Your Family Stories (25:00) A  FTM: 16 Things to Write Down about Yourself A  LDS: Going Beyond Just Names and Dates



V  FS: Descendancy Research (65:27) V  FS: Finding Our Cousins (2:00) V  FS: Easy Steps (4:00) V  AC: Descendancy Research (31:00)
V  AC: Forward Thinking (61:00) A  RIV: Where Do I Start? (p.7-8) A  PZ: Puzzilla.org FAQs A  PZ: Puzzilla.org Training
A  RIV: Descendancy Research A  RIV: Finding Living Cousins A  AC: Post-1940 Descendancy (31:55) A  FS: Cousin Research



V  FS: Quick Start (3:30) V  AC: Ready, Set, Go (61:00) V  FS: Beginning Research Techniques—68:00 V  BYU: Research—How Do I Do It? (60:49)
V  FS: Genealogy Boot Camp (27:00) V  AC: Now What? (25:00) V  AC: Make a Key Find in 15 Minute or less (56:00) V  BYU: How to Get Started: Q & A (26:37)
V  AC: Ethical Considerations (25:44) V  AC: Beginner Mistakes (19:00) A  FE: Beginning Your Genealogical Search A  Top 10 Tips for Starting Your Family History
A  AC: Teasing the Truth from a Family Legend A  FS: How to Guess Where to Start


V  Organizing Genealogy Files V  Organize Your Records (4:37) V  FS: Beginning Research Techniques—68:00 A  FS: Organize Your Genealogy
V  FS: Genealogy Boot Camp (27:00) V  AC: Now What? (25:00) V  AC: Make a Key Find in 15 Minute or less (56:00) V  BYU: How to Get Started: Q & A (26:37)
V  AC: Ethical Considerations (25:44) V  AC: Beginner Mistakes (19:00) V  BYU: Genealogy Organization Ideas (9:00) V  BYU: Organization for the Disorganized Genealogist (61:00)
A  How to Organize Your Genealogy Stuff A  GC: Organizing Your Research A  Organize Your Research A  GC: Organizing Those Documents and Photos
A  How to Organize Your Family History A  Organizing Your Genealogy Files A  How to Organize Your Paper Files A  How to Organize Your Genealogical Digital Files
A  AB: Binders, Notebooks, or Folders? A  Standards: Organizing Genealogical Research A  AB: Numbering Your Family Tree A  Four Tried and True Systems for Organizing Genealogy Research
A  AC: Organizing Your Genealogy Research in the New Year A  Organizing and Storage Tips for Your Genealogy Research A  FE: Filing Systems for Genealogy A  How to Organize Your Genealogy Research
A  BW: Organize Your Data A  Top 10 Tips for Starting Your Family History

Notes and Logs

V  GE: Genealogy Research Log (13:00) V  AC: Research Logs, Part 1 (21:31) V  AC: Research Logs, Part 2 (23:57) V  GE: Securing Your Genealogy (19:00)
V  FS: Write It Down (4:58) V  AC: Research Logs, Part 2 (23:57) V  GE: Securing Your Genealogy (19:00) A  FE: Recording Names and Places

Record Types

V  FS: Access to Records on FamilySearch (2:43) V  FS: Records at Risk (26:00) A  FS: Options and Tips for Searching Historical Records A  FS: Using Authorities Lists
A  LDS: Limits of Historical Records A  LDS: Limitations of Record Indexes A  AC: Ten Places You Didn't Think to Look

Strategies: Basics

V  AC: Family History Focus (35:00) V  BYU: Using the Internet in Research (28:00) V  AC: Connecting Internet Finds (24:00) V  AC: Getting the Most out of Limited Research Time (19:06)
A  FS: Basic Strategies A  AB: Top 10 Genealogy Mistakes to Avoid A  Prior Family History Research within the Family
A  FS: Tips and Tactics A  GC: Preparing for Outside Research A  AB: Genealogy by Mail A  GC: Concentrate on the Facts
A  FE: Approximating Family History Dates A  GI: 10 Effective Strategies A  LDS: 6 Basic Rules of Genealogy

Strategies: Next Steps

V  BYU—Researching in Depth (66:59) V  FS: Inferential Genealogy (120:00) V  AC: Finding Ancestor Origins (23:00) V  AC: Preventing Duplication (21:00)
V  FS: Rubik's Cube—A New Twist ... Name, Time, Place Coordinates (44:16) V  AC—Research Like a Professional (31:00) V  AC: Favorite Resources of Pros (22:00) A  Genealogy Again: Breathing New Life in Your Family Research
A  LDS: Moving Research Skills to the Next Level

Searching: Basics

V  FS: Record Search Tips on FamilySearch (3:26) V  AC: Stop Searching, Start Browsing (21:02) V  AC: Maximizing Your Search Time (29:00)
V  AC: Controlling Your Results (23:00)
V  BYU: Getting the Most from the Search Function on FamilySearch (48:29) V  AC—Research Like a Professional (31:00) V  AC: Favorite Resources of Pros (22:00) V  FS: Tips and Tricks Using FamilySearch Historical Records Collections (52:32) V  AC: Using Exact Search (5:21)
A  FTM: Why Your Online Genealogy Searches Don't Work A  BYU: Online Research Basics (57:15) A  How to Get the Best Results from FamilySearch)
A  FS: Restrictions on Viewing Images in Records
|   DE   ES   IT   PT   JA  
A  GC: Finding Birth Dates A  FS: Record Searching Tips A  AB: Ten Web Search Tricks
A  LDS: Widen Your Search A  AB: Ancestry.com Search Tips A  GI: Guide to Performing Online Genealogy Searches

Searching: Google

V  AC: Googling Family History (20:00) V  BYU: Google Searches at Warp Speed and Accuracy (62:00) V  BYU: Using the Google Goldmine for Genealogy (62:00) V  BYU: Beyond Google with Search Engines and Portals (57:00)
A  RIV: Google
A  AB: 25 Google Search Tips for Genealogists

Searching: Names and Spelling

V  FS: Using Name Variations to Find a Record (3:18) V  AC: Spelling Doesn't Count (25:00) V  AC: Same Name, Different Man (29:00) V  AC: Finding Maiden Names (19:00)
V  AC: Finding Female Ancestors—scroll down (60:00) A  AC: Finding Your Ancestors with Spelling Variations A  FE: What's in a Name? A  GM: Surnames Sound a Challenge for Researchers
A  LDS: Considering Name Spellings A  GC: Finding Female Ancestors and Maiden Names A  OT: Finding an Ancestor whose Surname Changed A  OT: What's in a Name?
A  AB: 10 Places to Locate Maiden Names

Searching: Next Steps

V  AC: Deciphering the Undecipherable (24:00) V  FS: Completing Your Research (3:03) V  AC: Finding Ancestors before 1850 (60:00) V  AC: Missing Records (26:27)
A  AC: Smarter Searching A  AC: Why You Can't Find Your Ancestors A  AB: Tips for Finding Ancestors in Databases

Solving Problems: Effective Techniques

V  AC: Using Old Photos (3:38) A  AB: Think Like a Detective A  How to Use Cluster Research to Find Those Hidden Ancestors A  LDS: Finding an Elusive Ancestor
A  BW: Extracting Documents A  3 Effective Ways to Jumpstart Your Genealogy Research

Solving Problems: Brick Walls

V  FS: Finding Challenging Information (3:43) V  AC: Five Reasons You Are Not Finding Your Ancestor (29:23) V  AC: Quick Tips for Breaking through Your Genealogy Brick Walls (14:59) V  AC: Busting Family History Brick Walls (3:50)
V  BYU: Answers Hiding in Plain Sight (50:00) A  GI: 50 Best Brick Wall Solutions, Part 2 A  GI: More Great Brick Wall Solutions, Part 1 A  GI: 50 Best Brick Wall Solutions, Part 1
A  GI: 50 Best Brick Wall Solutions, Part 1 A  AB: Brick Wall Strategies for Locating Your Ancestors A  GI: More Great Brick Wall Solutions, Part 2

Catalogs and Books

V  BYU: Digital Books for Genealogists (53:22) A  FS: Using the FamilySearch Catalog A  FS: Accessing Online Family History Books   |   ES  

Family History Trips

V  FS: Planning and Implementing a Research Trip (53:32) A  GC: Before Your Trip—Doing Your Homework A  FE: Mapping Your Strategy for a Research Trip


Indexing: Basics

V  FS: Indexing is Vital for Research—second video (5:00) V  BYU: Indexing in FamilySearch (8:01) A  FS: How to Index A  RIV: FamilySearch Indexing
A  FS: Introduction

Indexing: Tips

V  FS: Adding Records (2:30) A  FS: Indexing FAQs A  FS: 3 Tips for Becoming a Better Indexer A  FS: Future Collections   |   PT  

Indexing: Handwriting

A  RIV: Paleography (Old Handwriting) A  AC: Tips for Reading Old Handwriting A  AC: More Tips and Tricks for Paleography (20:30) A  GC: Guidelines for Reading Old Documents
A  AB: Reading and Understanding Old Documents and Handwriting A  How to Create Abstracts from Old Documents A  GI: How to Read Old Handwriting A  Deciphering Old Handwriting
A  BW: Study Handwriting A  Tips for reading handwritten documents


Get Help

V  AC: How to Use Collaboration (26:00) V  AC: Increasing Family History Collaboration (32:08) A  GC: Involving Family in Your Research A  GC: Finding Others Researching Your Family Names
A  RIV: Historical and Genealogical Societies


V  AC: Sharing Family History (30:00) V  AA: Sharing Your Family History (61:29) A  GC: Learning from Your Reunion A  GC: 12 Steps to Creating the Perfect Family Reunion
A  FS: 3 Tips for Family History at your Next Reunion A  FS: 10 Steps to Writing an Engaging Family History



V  FS: Genealogy and Technology (24:00) A  FS: Avoiding the Inevitable Crash A  How to Choose the Best Genealogy Software

Social Media

A  FTW: The Google Genealogist (11:00) A  Using Pinterest for Genealogy A  Is Genealogy Blogging Dead?



V  AC: More Tips for Identifying Genealogical Family (31:31) V  AC: Possible Relationships (26:36) V  The Science behind Ancestry DNA Ethnicity Results V  DNA Demystified (55:22)
V  DNA Testing for Genealogy (1:19) V  The Story of You (2:01) V  DNA for Beginners: The Three Tests (54:05) A/V  Genetic Genealogy Videos
V  FS: YDNA Solutions to Common Genealogical Problems? (28:40) V  AC: You Received Your DNA Test Results—Now What?, Part 1 (14:06) V  BYU: You Received Your DNA Test Results—Now What?, Part 2 (14:57) V  AC: Why Is My Native American Ancestry Not Showing Up? (18:50)
V  BYU: Can a DNA Test Help You Find Your Ancestors or Relatives? - Part 1 (41:44) V  BYU: Can a DNA Test Help You Find Your Ancestors or Relatives? - Part 2 (10:09) A  BW: Get More out of Your DNA Test Results A  Ancestry DNA FAQs
A  FE: Taking a DNA Test A  Answers to Common DNA Questions A  FS: What Can DNA Testing Do? A  FTM: How to Handle Surprises in Your DNA (Results)

U.S. Records and Locations


Location: Maps and Gazetteers

Location: Cities and Counties

Location: Timelines

U.S. Vital Records

Vital Records

V  BYU: Finding Birth, Marriage, and Death Records (22:31) V  FS: Vital Records (24:00) A  United States Vital Records

Birth Records

V  AC: Can't Find a Birth Record (30:00) A  GC: Adoption Information

Marriage Records

V  AC: Finding Marriage Records (30:00) A  AB: Finding a Marriage Date or Location A  GC: Marriage in the Modern Age A  GI: Look for Missing Marriages
A  GI: Marriage and Age Differences

Death Records

A  LDS: Searching for Death Information A  FE: Obituaries and Genealogy A  AC: Using Death Records to Find Missing Children and Married Daughters


V  AC: Visiting Cemeteries (30:00) V  Using Cemetery Records to Uncover Unknown Ancestors (4:37) V  Cemeteries Are Good Resources (6:31) V  Digging for Answers with Find-A-Grave (61:48)
V  BYU: Using Online Maps to Locate Cemeteries (49:00) A  FTM: 9 Things You Can Learn about Your Ancestors A  FE: Researching Cemeteries on the Internet A  GI: A Simple Way to Read Old Tombstones
A  RIV: FindaGrave A  AC: Cemetery Guide A  AC: Cemetery Records
A  FS: U.S. Church and Cemetery Records


A  AC: Social Security Death Index (4:30) A  GC: Social Security Sleuthing A  AB: Searching the SSDI

U.S. Census

Census Records: Starting

Census Records: Next Steps

Census Records: By Decade


Immigration: Starting

V  AC: Coming to America (11:00) V  BYU: U.S. Immigration Records (16:00) V  BYU: Emigration and Immigration Training (6:19) V  BYU: Proven Ways to Find Your Immigrant Ancestors (55:10)
A  GC: Immigration into the United States A  AC: Finding Immigration Records A  FS: U.S. Emigration and Immigration A  OT: Immigration to the U.S after 1820

Immigration: Ellis Island and Ports

V  FS: Castle Garden Database (7:34) V  BYU: The Paper Trail (25:09) V  FS: Introduction to Ellis Island (12:59) V  AC: Did They Really Come through New York?—(25:00)
A  AC: Using the Ellis Island Database A  GI: Ellis Island Immigration Facts

Next Steps

V  FS: European Sources (10:00) V  FS: Religious Migration, Part 1 (24:11) V  FS: Religious Migration, Part 2 (24:09) V  FS: Religious Migration, Part 3 (12:56)
V  FS: Colonial Immigration (53:00) V  AC: Colonial Immigration (30:00) V  AC: Late 19th-Century Ancestors (11:00) V  FS: Early 20th-Century Immigration (33:00)
A  AC: Major Settlements, Immigration, and Naturalization A  AC: American Sources for Documenting Immigrants A  AC: Foreign Sources for Immigration Records A  GC: Immigrant Name Changes
A  FE: Effect of Immigration on Surnames A  GC: Major Ports of Exit and Entry A  LDS: Border Crossings and Other Records


A  FS: Navigating U.S. Naturalization Records A  FS: Naturalization Records A  LDS: Naturalization Records A  FS: Navigating U.S. Naturalization Records

Passenger Lists

A  LDS: Manifests and Passenger Lists A  AC: 10 Things to Know: Passenger Lists A  FS: I Have the Name of the Ship and the Year ...

Military Records

U.S. Military Records

V  AC: Find Your U.S. Military Heroes (59:00) V  FS: Basic U.S. Military Records (26:00) V  FS: Military Records (24:00) V  FS: Military Pension Applications (16:00)
V  Pension Records (8:48) V  AC: Patriots of Color (26:00) V  AC: Discovering Our Veterans (24:00) V  BYU: Discover Your Ancestors in Military Records (47:44) V  AC: U.S. Military Pension Files (7:55)
A  RIV: Fold3 A  RIV: U.S. Military Records A  FMP: Techniques for Finding Your Military Ancestor
A  FE: Genealogy Research and Military Records A  AC: Tips for Finding Military Records A  AC: Military Records at Ancestry.com

Revolutionary War, and War of 1812

V  FS: Revolutionary War Genealogy Research (43:00) V  AC: Understanding SAR/DAR Applications in Genealogy (28:04) V  AC: Colonial Americans, Not Patriots (28:00) V  AC: Using SAR Applications (4:51)
V  AC: War of 1812 (26:00) A  AC: Revolutionary War Research Guide A  AC: Researching Your Revolutionary War Ancestor A  AC: Revisiting the American Revolution

Civil War

V  FS: Civil War Genealogical Research (57:00) V  Civil War Compiled Service Records (5:20) V  AC: Civil War tips from the researchers of "Who Do You Think You Are? (3:37) V  FS: Civil War Research, Union (57:00)
V  Your Civil War Ancestors: Beginning Your Research (15:00) V  FS: Civil War Records (35:00) V  BYU: Researching Civil War Records (15:45) V  AC: Discovering Civil War Roots (22:00)
V  AA: Union Civil War Ancestors (65:00) V  FS: Learning about Your Union Veteran Ancestor, Part 2 (27:00) A  AB: Researching Civil War Ancestors A  FE: Civil War Records and Genealogy
A  AC: Find Your Civil War Ancestor A  10 Sources for Civil War Burials

World War I

V  FMP: Tracing WWI Ancestors (39:56) V  AC: WW-I Draft Records (3:00) V  AC: Lack of WWI Records (5:08) A  AC: Using WW-I Draft Records to Trace Your Ancestors

World War II

V  AC: WW-II Draft Cards (14:00) V  7 Important Genealogical Hints from WW I & WW II Registration Cards (14:00) A  FMP: WW-II Enlistment Records A  FMP: Military Service and Conflict
A  AC: Researching Women in World War II A  World War II Case Study

Other U.S. Records

Church Records

V  AC: Civil vs. Church (21:00) V  FS: Researching Church Records in the U.S. (8:12) V  FS: Church Records in Genealogy (13:00) A  FS: United States Church Records


V  FS: Catholic Records in North America and Europe (46:25) V  AC: Quaker Research (34:00) V  AC: Quaker Case Study (32:00) A  AA: Quaker Guide


A  FS: Migration Routes across America A  FS: Religious Migration History A  LDS: About Migration Patterns A  AA: Quaker Guide
A  RIV: U.S. Migration Patterns

Land Records

V  FS: Colonial Land (36:00) V  AC: Tax Records (34:00) V  Land Records: Genealogy Style (8:32) V  BYU: U.S. Land Records (49:03)
V  BYU: Land and Property Ownership for Genealogists (69:00) V  AC: The Bureau of Land Management Records (5:08) A  AB: Bounty Land Warrants A  House Histories
A  FE: Researching Estates A  FE: Researching Estates A  LDS: Researching Past Owners of Property A  RIV: U.S. Land Records
A  BW: Drill into Land Records A  5 Things You Might Be Missing in Land Records A  RIV: Land Records

Deeds and Probate

V  AC: Finding Probate Records that Are Not Indexed (6:40) V  BYU: Probate Records (24:24) V  BYU: Nine-Part Probate Series
1: In the Beginning (17:31)
2: Wills (16:49)
3: Wording of Wills (8:10)
4: What is Probate? (8:53)
5: What Are Probate Procedures (13:29)
6: Finding Probate Documents (15:51)
7: Example of a Probate File (16:47)
8: Trusts (11:22)
8: What Happens ... (16:03)
A  The Difference Between Wills and Probate Documents
A  FE: Deciphering a Family Deed A  AC: 5 Things You Should Know about the Probate Collection A  LDS: Locating Probate Records A  AC: Guardianship, a Misunderstood Probate Term
A  AC: Finding Children When There Is No Will A  AC: Exploring Probate Records County by County A  BW: Drill into Probate Records A  5 Things to Know about your Ancestor's Probate

Court Records

V  FS: U.S. Courthouse Research (25:00) V  FS: U.S. Court Records (54:23) V  AC: Convicts and Criminals (29:00) V  AC: Black Sheep Ancestors (33:00)
V  BYU: Anatomy of a Court Case for Genealogists (64:19) A  GC: Court Records—Finding Your Ancestors A  GC: Using Court Records for Genealogy A  FE: Searching in a Courthouse
A  FE: Finding Courthouse Records on the Internet A  AB: Historical U.S. Prison Records


V  AC: Historical Newspapers (2:33) V  FS: Using Historical Newspapers, Part 1 (16:51) V  FS: Using Historical Newspapers, Part 2 (12:09) V  FS: Using Historical Newspapers, Part 3 (27:05)
V  AC: Using Newspapers on Ancestry (26:00) V  FS: World of Periodicals (11:00) V  FS: Using Genealogy Bank.com (20:00) V  BYU: Online Digital Newspaper Sources (43:11)
V  BYU: NewspaperArchive and Newspapers.com (11:44) V  Newspaper Research (24:46) A  FMP: Searching Newspaper Archives on Findmypast.com A  FS: Great Web Tools for Searching Historic Newspapers
A  FS: Discover Hidden Treasures in U.S. Newspapers A  RIV: What's New about News A  FE: Genealogical Research: Newspapers A  FE: Newspaper Notices and Genealogical Research
A  FS: Explore Ancestors' Lives in Newspapers A  GI: Searching Historic Small-Town Newspapers A  LDS: Expanding Your Newspaper Search


V  AC: World Memory Project (17:00) V  AC: Getting Started, Archives.com V  FS: Congressional Records (12:00) V  AC: Occupations (34:00)
V  AC: Using the Card Catalog (34:00) A  FS: United States Biographies A  GC: Finding Your Way through the National Archives A  AB: Genealogy Research at Courthouses, Archives, or Libraries
A  FS: How to Find More at a Genealogy Library A  FE: Libraries for Genealogical Research A  RIV: Public Libraries A  AC: Don't Suffer from Library Anxiety



England and U.K.

England Research

Parishes and Churches


Land and Probate



A  Tracing Scottish Ancestry A  Parish Chest Records in Scotland



V  AA: Irish Ancestry (61:00) V  AC: How Irish Are You? (25:55) V  AC: Tracing Your Irish Ancestors (62:00) V  FS: Ireland Emigration
V  FS: Tracing Irish Roman Catholic Ancestry (48:15) V  FS: Ireland Census and Census Substitutes (52:13) V  AC: Researching Irish Ancestors (6:38) A  Irish Sources
A  Starting Your Irish Research A  FS: Video Tips for Searching Irish Ancestors A  Scots-Irish Research A  GC: Finding Your Ancestors in Ireland
A  Irish Places and Irish History A  GC: Irish Research A  AC: 10 Places to Find Your Irish Ancestor in America A  FS: Ireland Presbyterian Church Records
A  FMP: Pre-1901 Irish Census Records Online



A  Genealogy: How to Introduction A  FS: Danish Demografisk Database (Census) A  FS: Danish Emigration A  FS: Danish Emigration Syllabus
A  FS: Guide to the Danish Emigration Archives Database



V  FS: Best Practices for Nordic Ancestors (55:46) V  FS: FamilySearch Wiki for Nordic Countries (55:47) V  FS: Scandinavian Handwriting (111:06) V  FS: Scandinavian Fixed and Moveable Feast Days (45:14)



V  FS: Norwegian Military Records (54:21) A  FS: Norwegian Emigration—The Experience A  FS: How to Find Ancestors in the Digitalarkivet of Norway A  FS: Norwegian Migration and Immigration
A  FS: Digitalarkivet: Death Notices A  FS: Digitalarkivet: Emigration Records



V  FS: Researching Your Swedish Heritage (59:59) A  About Sweden and Emigration A  Finding Your Swedish Roots A  Searching and Using the Archives
A  Swedish Court Records



V  FS: Historical Background (30:00) V  BYU: Beginning German Research (81:00) V  FS: Reading German Handwritten Records, Part 2 (35:00) V  FS: Reading German Handwritten Records, Part 3 (35:00)
V  AC: Meyers Gazetteer of the German Empire (27:00) V  AC: Hamburg Passenger Lists (24:00) V  FS: German Historical Maps and Territories (62:54) V  Old German Script, Part 1 (62:11)
V  Old German Script, Part 2 (59:21) V  Old German Script, Part 3 (60:42) A  10 Tips for Deciphering Old German Handwriting A  AA: German Guide
A  AB: Beginning Germany Genealogy FAQs A  GermanRoots.com A  AB: Germany Genealogy Online Databases A  FS: Map Guide to German Parish Registers
A  FS: Hamburg Passenger Lists A  FS: Using Meyer's Gazetteers Online A  FS: Ortsfamilienbucher on Genealogy.net (51:44) A  AC: German Genealogy Terms



V  Beginning Swiss Research, Part 1 (59:08) V  Beginning Swiss Research, Part 2 (54:41)



V  FS: Using the Kartenmeister Gazetteer (34:32) V  FS: Polish Displaced Persons (44:00) V  FS: Polish Letters (20:00) V  FS: Records of the Polish Partitions (58:23)
V  FS: Polish Handwritten Records (30:00) A  AA: Polish Guide



V  Russian Germans in the North Caucasus (51:01) V  Volga German Settlements in Russia (48:07) A  Cyrillic Alphabet A  Cyrillic Script
A  Russian Alphabet, Language, and Handwriting, Part 2 (42:01) A  Russian Alphabet Handout

France, Belgium, Luxembourg


V  FS: Basque Parish Indexes (12:13) V  FS: Beginning Research in Luxembourg (52:49) V  FS: Gazetteers and Maps for Belgium, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands (59:48) A  AB: Genealogy in France
A  AB: French Genealogy Records Online



V  FS: Reading the Italian Alphabet (25:00) V  FS: Italian Words and Phrases (25:00) V  FS: Basic Italian Research (59:00) V  FS: Key Words and Phrases in Latin Records (25:00)
V  FS: Latin for Genealogists (55:14) A  AC: Italian Genealogy Terms



A  AC: Dutch Genealogy Terminology



A  FS: Reading Spanish Handwriting (67:34) A  FS: Spanish Handwriting Tips for Records



A  AB: Convicts to Australia



V  AC: Ron Higgins, Calif. African-American Gen. Society (6:16) V  Genealogy and African-American History (58:34) V  FS: Freedmen's Bureau ... Discover the Significance (3:57) V  FS: Getting Started with FamilySearch and The Freedmen's Bureau Records (3:41)
V  FS: Freedmen's Bureau Records Online (2:47) V  BYU: African American Research (14:44) V  African American Research for Beginners (5:27) V  AC: Tracing Slave Ancestors (5:55)
A  FS: Tracing Your African-American Ancestors A  AC: Compiled Sources in African-American Research A  FS: Gladys Knight and the Freedmen's Bureau A  AC: Think You Can't Research Your African-American Family History?
A  AC: Overview of African-American Research


V  BYU: Beginning Latin American Research (62:00)


V  AC: Beginning Jewish Research (34:00) V  AC: Tracing Your Jewish Roots (8:38) V  AC: Jan Meisels, IAJGS(4:49) V  FS: Poland and Galicia Jewish Research, Part 1 (44:43)
V  FS: Poland and Galicia Jewish Research, Part 2 (58:08) A  Knowles Collection for Jewish Genealogy

International Research


V  BYU: Beginning International Genealogical Research A  GC: Tips for International Research A  AR: How To Research Foreign Records Without Leaving Home V  FS: Poland and Galicia Jewish Research, Part 1 (44:43)
A  GC: First Steps in Foreign Research A  AB: Research in a Foreign Land



V  BYU: Temple Work through Descendancy Research (39:00) V  BYU: The "Teach" Part of Find, Take, Teach (45:12) A  FL: Searching vs. Surfing for a Name A  FS: Ordinances Performed Out of Order   |   DE   ES   FR   IT   PT  
A  FS: Sealing Appears to Be Needed, but Already Completed   |   DE   ES   FR   IT   PT   JA   A  FS: Ordinance Shows as Not Available in Family Tree   |   DE   ES   FR   IT   PT   JA   A  FS: Sealing a Deceased Couple who were Never Married A  FS: Sealing a Divorced Couple
A  FS: Sealing a Living Member to a Deceased Spouse A  FS: Temple File Names for Baptisms Limited to Youth, Unendowed   |   DE   ES   FR   IT   PT   JA