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Here's a collection of additional documents and videos on family history—these are not included in the main Projects. The resources in the vault are considered secondary in importance, while those in the main pages are of primary importance. The Vault resources can be useful for extra information as you explore family history topics.

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29Basic Searches

BYU: Online Research Basics (57:15)
GC: Finding Birth Dates
TH: Ten Web Search Tricks

FTM: Why Your Online Genealogy Searches Don't Work
LDS: Widen Your Search
GIT: Guide to Performing Online Genealogy Searches


FS: Record Search Tips on FamilySearch (3:26)
FS: Tips and Tricks for Using FamilySearch's Historical Record Collection (60:39)
FS: Record Search Tips on FamilySearch (3:26)
BYU: Getting the Most from the Search Function on FamilySearch (48:29)
Tips and Tricks Using FamilySearch Historical Records Collections
AC: Printing Record Information
FS: Restrictions on Viewing Images in Records
|   DE   ES   IT   PT   JA  
How to Get the Best Results from FamilySearch


AC: Stop Searching, Start Browsing (21:02)
AC: Maximizing Your Search Time (29:20)

AC: Using Exact Search (5:21)
FS: Searching (3:02)
AC: Searching by Location
AC: How to Search Ancestry


MH: Using SuperSearch for Family History Research (48:47)
MH: Researching Your Family with SuperSearch (44:03)
MH: Matching Technologies: How to Discover Relatives Without Searching (44:45)
MH: Newspaper Research Strategies Using MyHeritage (43:28)
MH: Newspaper Research Strategies Using MyHeritage (42:11)
MH: An Overview of European Record Collections on MyHeritage (42:11)
MH: Hidden content treasures you might have missed at MyHeritage (84:00)
MH: Censuses Around the World: What You Need to Know About Census Collections and Genealogy (85:00)
MH: Following Your Family's Immigration Trail on MyHeritage (92:00)

47Testing and Results (General)

The Science behind Ancestry DNA Ethnicity Results (6:36)
DNA Testing for Genealogy (1:19)
DNA for Beginners: The Three Tests (54:05)
BYU: Can a DNA Test Help You Find Your Ancestors or Relatives? - Part 1 (41:44)
BYU: Can a DNA Test Help You Find Your Ancestors or Relatives? - Part 2 (10:09)
FHF: Getting Started with Gedmatch (15:08)
RT: Advancing Your Genealogy Research with DNA: Part 1
DNA Testing, Part One
FE: Taking a DNA Test
FS: What Can DNA Testing Do?
FTM: How to Handle Surprises in Your DNA (Results)
TH: DNA Tests Available for Genealogy
8 Best Testing Kits
TH: How to Use DNA Testing to Trace Your Family Tree
LT: Understanding DNA Testing
LT: Chromosome Browsers for Genealogy: What Are They and Why Are They Useful?
What types of DNA tests are available?
Which DNA testing company should I use?
5 Tips for an Adoption-Related Search
The Cheapest DNA Testing Kits
How to Safely Buy a DNA Test Online
GE: What Is the Best DNA Test?
GE: 23andMe vs AncestryDNA
GE: What to do with Raw DNA

DNA Test Types

atDNA: Finding Matches on All Ancestral Lines
LT: Introduction to Autosomal DNA Coverage
BYU: Autosomal DNA Testing Plans (57:00)
LT: Exploring Ethnicity with DNA, Part II: Autosomal Testing
mtDNA: the Direct Maternal Line
TH: mtDNA Testing for Genealogy
X-DNA's Helpful Inheritance Patterns
FS: YDNA Solutions to Common Genealogical Problems? (28:40)
BYU: Y-DNA for Genealogists (50:56)
TH: Why Does my Y-DNA Test Match Men With a Different Surname?
Y-DNA: the Direct Paternal Line
GE: Y Chromosome DNA Testing
LT: Mitochondrial DNA: Connecting Generations
GE: Mitochondrial DNA Testing

MH: DNA (Features)
MH: MyHeritage DNA 101 (18:57)
MH: MyHeritage DNA Advanced Features (34:05)
MH: The Five Best MyHeritage DNA Tools (46:56)
MH: Two Ways to Approach Your MyHeritage DNA Match List (57:46)
MH: How to Filter and Sort Your DNA Matches (2:26)
MH: DNA Results and Filtering Your DNA Matches
MH: How to Use Chromosome Browsers for Genealogy


AC: Historical Newspapers (2:33)
FS: Using Historical Newspapers, Part 1 (16:51)
FS: Using Historical Newspapers, Part 2 (12:09)
FS: Using Historical Newspapers, Part 3 (27:05)
AC: Using Newspapers on Ancestry (30:22)
FS: World of Periodicals (11:00)
FS: Using Genealogy (19:52)
BYU: Online Digital Newspaper Sources (43:11)
BYU: NewspaperArchive and (11:44)
Newspaper Research (24:46)
Newspaper Research Strategies Using MyHeritage (43:00)
AAC: Society Columns (2:52)
FHF: Research Around OCR Errors (11:24)
FHF: Using Keywords to Discover Ancestors in (16:47)
FS: Discover Hidden Treasures in U.S. Newspapers
RIV: What's New about News
FE: Genealogical Research: Newspapers
FE: Newspaper Notices and Genealogical Research
FS: Explore Ancestors' Lives in Newspapers
GIT: Searching Historic Small-Town Newspapers
LDS: Expanding Your Newspaper Search
AR: Finding Newspapers; Digitized, Microfilmed and Indexed
FHD: Search 10 Million Free Newspaper Pages for Your Ancestors
FHD: This Revealing Newspaper Section
FTM: Your Source for Understanding Historical Newspapers
FMP: Using the US newspaper collection on Findmypast
FMP: Using newspapers to replace, complement or locate BMD records
FMP: How to Find Your Female Ancestors Using Newspapers
FMP: Searching For Criminal Ancestors In Historic Newspapers
FMP: Using newspapers to understand how your ancestors contributed to history
FS: Great Web Tools for Searching Historic Newspapers
FMP: The Seven Wonders of Historic Newspapers
AC: How to Find Newspapers
LT: Denied Access to a Vital Record? Try the Newspaper!
FMP: Searching Newspaper Archives on
GE: Newspaper Research


FS: Reading Dates and Latin Words (25:00)
FS: British Resources on FamilySearch, Part 1 (27:07)
FS: British Resources on FamilySearch, Part 2 (29:13)
FS: British Resources on Ancestry, Part 1 (30:27)
FS: British Resources on Ancestry, Part 2 (26:48)
FS: British Resources on Findmypast (49:15)
AC: Pre-1800 British Research (33:39)
FS: Sources for Research, Pre-1837 (25:23)
FS: England Resources for Family History at Findmypast (78:12)
FS: England and Wales Civil Registration (59:33)
British Industrial History for Genealogy Research
RT: Findmypast Part 1: Website Tips and Tricks for British and Irish Family History
BMD Records in England and Wales
Vital Records in the U.K.
GIT: Date Guide to English Genealogy, Part 1
GIT: Date Guide to English Genealogy, Part 2
RT: Important Records for British Research
GIT: Date Guide to English Genealogy, Part 3
FS: Welsh Naming Patterns
FMP: 5 UK Genealogy Brick Walls and How to Overcome Them
FMP: Common Latin Words for Genealogical Research
FMP: Search Guide, British Military Records
FMP: Understanding British naval service records
LT: Using Approximate Dates To Piece Together Your Family History in England
FMP: British and Irish Newspapers on Findmypast
LT: Intermediate Guide to English Genealogy Research
BYU: English Ancestors, Handwriting
RT: Findmypast Part 1: Website Tips and Tricks for British and Irish Family History
FS: FamilySearch's Collections of British Merchant Maritime Records
FS: Tracing Early LDS Church Convert Ancestry in England
FS: Researching in Pre-1837 England



Beginning Swiss Research, Part 1 (59:08)
Beginning Swiss Research, Part 2 (54:41)


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