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Goal 1: Research and Records

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Ireland Counties

Goal 1: Learn about research in Ireland.Vault


A. Get started with Irish research.

  1. Learn the basics of Irish research in these videos.

    AAC: Beginning Your Search for Irish Ancestors—64:10 (acct. req.)
    AC—Beginning Irish Research—29:50

  2. Learn about Ireland genealogy in this FamilySearch Wiki article.

    FS—Wiki: Ireland Genealogy

  3. Here are some tips for starting your Irish research.

    Irish Genealogical Society International: Research

  4. Use the Irish Genealogy Research Guide from the McClelland Library.

    McClelland Library: Irish Genealogy Research

  5. Learn secrets for successful Irish family research in this Findmypast video.

    FMP—Secrets for Successful Irish Family Research

  6. Read the Irish Guide from American Ancestors.

    AA: Irish Guide

  7. Use the Ireland Record Finder to understand record types for research.

    FS—Wiki: Ireland Record Finder


B. Go deeper into Irish research.


    Research Tips
  1. Get tips for finding Irish records.

    AC—Tips for Finding Irish Records
    FMP—Irish Records—17:32

  2. Here are some expert tips for researching Irish ancestors.

    AC—Tips for Researching Irish Ancestors—6:57
    FMP—Secrets to Successful Irish Family Research—60:32

  3. Learn how to plan an effective research trip to Ireland.

    AC—Planning a Research Trip to Ireland

  4. Records
  5. Explore the JohnGrenham.com site to learn about record types.
  6. Explore the Irish Records Extraction database on Ancestry.
  7. Explore the Forebears.io site for research records.
  8. Learn about useful websites and tools for Irish research.

    FS—Key Websites for Tracing Ancestry in Ireland—52:11
    Everything you need to know about Irish family history records—54:16

  9. Locations
  10. Get an overview of Irish place names in this article.

    Irish Places

  11. Use the FamilySearch clickable map for counties in Ireland.

C. Explore Irish names.

  1. Learn about Irish names and naming patterns.

    AB—Common Irish Last Names
    FMP—Traditional Irish Naming Patterns

  2. Learn about the meanings of various Irish surnames.

    EG—The Meaning of Irish Surnames

  3. Explore surname distribution (a map where certain surnames are prevalent) in Ireland.
  4. Use this Surname Guide to help trace your Irish genealogy.

    AF: Do You Have Irish Genealogy? Use This Handy Surname Guide to Trace Your Heritage—8:02

  5. Here are tips for researching Irish names.

    FMP—Top 5 Research Tips for Irish Names

  6. Learn about potential research challenges with Irish names.

    The Problem of Names

  7. Explore Irish surname research on the Fianna website.
  8. Search the Geneanet site for Irish surnames.