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Children Activities

Help children love their family history.

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When children have enjoyable experiences in family history at an early age, they are more likely to continue with it as they grow older, and reap the benefits as they go. Adults and older youth can guide children to success using the Children's page (this page) in The Family History Guide. Know each child's abilities and limitations as you guide them through the activities and learning process. A rich experience awaits them—and you!

1. About Family History

Overview Games and activities can work miracles in getting children interested in family history. Young learners love to play, and they will most likely participate in a game or activity with enthusiasm and willingness. The Family history Guide makes it a snap to create relevant, captivating, fun family history moments for family time, cousin get-togethers, mealtime, bedtime, or anytime!

Do you have a smartphone? If so, find just what you need while on the go! Access games online, browse ideas in any of the FHG “Family Activities” section, and be inspired to make family history a part of your children’s (and grandchildren's) everyday lives. Today's children can easily learn how to use devices such as smartphones and tablets. Online games and apps help family history come alive in a fun, engaging way.

2. Family Tree Activities

Overview: Children can discover their heritage as they begin to explore their family in simple and engaging ways.

Games and Apps

3. Memories Activities

Overview: Crafts, stories, role-playing and more—they all help to bring the memories of children's ancestors alive.

Conversations and Interviews
Games and Apps
Objects and Heirlooms

4. Misc. Activities

Overview Try this great assortment of family history activities for extra fun.

Motivation, Coaching, and Resources

This section provides tips and resources for motivating and involving children in family history. (Blog)

Motivation and Coaching Tips

  1. Know the interests and limitations of the children you are working with.

  2. Choose age-appropriate activities for learning. If you have mixed ages in a group, design different levels for the activity if needed.

  3. Keep the activity time brief so the attention doesn't wander. Activities can be continued in a later session.

  4. Be flexible. If a particular activity isn't working well, change the approach or switch to another one.

  5. Be attentive. Stay involved, to answer questions and watch for potential issues.

  6. Be positive and encouraging. Children need to know their efforts are appreciated and valued.

Resources for Parents

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