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Project 2: Family Tree

Build a family tree, view your
tree, update ancestor information.

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Goal 1: Navigate your Ancestry tree.

Navigating your Ancestry tree is essential to finding and adding ancestors, viewing and updating their information, and producing charts and reports. For an overview of building your Ancestry tree, read this article.


A View and print your Ancestry tree.

  1. In the homepage, click Trees and select your tree from the list. You can also click Go to Tree in the middle of the homepage.
  2. To move the view of the tree, click and drag, or swipe an area of the screen where the hand icon is visible.

  3. To see an overview of your tree, click the icon with your tree name and select "Tree Overview". You can also see the overview by clicking Trees and selecting Create & Manage Trees and then "View tree overview".

    Here are the basic features of the Tree Overview page:
    • Name of tree in Tree Overview (editable)
    • Recent Photos (photos can be added)
    • Recent Stories (stories can be added)
    • Recent Audio
    • Recent Videos
    • Home Person
    • Last Viewed Person
    • Summary (count of people, photos, stories, etc.)
    • Hints (categories of hints with links)
    • People You've Invited (invite people to the site, manage invitations)
  4. To zoom in or out, move the slider bar (left side) toward the plus or minus icon, or click the plus or minus icon as needed.
  5. To print the current view of your tree, click the printer icon (left side of the screen) and then click Print and complete the print dialog instructions.

B Navigate to earlier generations in your tree.

  1. To extend a line in your tree for viewing, click the right arrow at the end of the line, if available. In the new family tree branch that is open, you can continue clicking right arrows to navigate back to earlier generations. You can drag or swipe to see other areas of the family tree.
  2. To close a line you have opened, click the left arrow (which used to be the right arrow you clicked previously, and is now highlighted). Note: When you open a different line, the line you previously opened is automatically closed.
  3. To view a person's tree, with that person in the starting position, a) Click the person's name in the tree; b) Click the Tool icon; and c) Select View his/her family tree.

  4. To return to the home person in the tree, click the house icon (tool bar on the left).

C Use the Family View for your tree.

The Family View displays all the siblings for each parent in a horizontal row, with previous generations appearing higher up in the view.

  1. In the tree view, click the Family View icon. Spouses are connected by a pair of blue and pink lines; siblings are connected to each other and to parents by gray lines.
  2. To move the view, click and drag, or swipe.
  3. To extend a family line into the past, click an up arrow. Up to six generations are shown in the Family View at one time.
  4. To extend a family line to see more recent generations, click a down arrow.
  5. To open the line for a spouse, click one of the small icons next to the spouse (hover text says "View his tree" or "View her tree").

  6. To return to the start of a previous line you viewed, click one of the names at the bottom of the window.

  7. You can use the Summary window (lower left) to help you track your location in the tree. Drag in the Summary window to move the view. The black rectangle in the Summary window represents the person with the most recently opened line.

D Find people quickly in your tree.

  1. To search for a person in your tree, a) Click Find Person (upper right); b) Type the name in the search field; and c) Select the name from the drop-down list.
  2. Click Home Person to position the tree view on the home person.
  3. Click Last Viewed:(name) to position the view on the person you last selected.
  4. Click List of All People to display a list of all the people in your tree. The list includes Name, Birth information, and Death information. You can scroll ahead to other pages or set the number of people appearing on each page of the list (lower left).
  5. For more info, watch this video.
    AC—How Do I Find a Person in My Tree?—0:35

E View details for people in your tree.

  1. Click a name in your tree to open a summary window with birth and death details.
  2. Click Profile to see a variety of information for the person.

  3. Click the Facts tab to see a timeline of events on the left side. The year and person's age are shown in the timeline, and person links and the following facts are shown:
    • Birth and death information for siblings, parents, and children
    • Marriage information
    • Other information, if included in your GEDCOM file
  4. To view the selected person as the "home person" of the family tree, click the Tools icon and select View in (His/Her) Tree. Spouses and children are shown for the home person. Each home person you select is displayed as a link at the bottom of the tree window, as explained in Choice C above.

Goal 2: Edit person information in your Ancestry tree.

Editing facts and profile information is essential to keeping your tree up to date. You can do a Quick Edit or a Profile Edit, or you can edit facts in a Person window.


A Do a Quick Edit of a person's information.

  1. Click a name in your tree to open a summary window with birth and death details.
  2. Click Quick Edit.

  3. Edit any of the following items:
    • Names
    • Gender
    • Status (Deceased or Living)
    • Birth Date
    • Birth Place
    • Death Date
    • Death Place
  4. Click Save.
  5. For more info, watch this video.
    AC—Quickly Updating Basic Facts about an Ancestor—0:38

B Edit details in a person's Profile.

  1. Open a person's profile (see Choice E in Goal 1).
  2. With the Facts tab open, find a fact that has a green title and click Edit. (To edit facts for another person, click the person's blue name link to go to that person's Profile.)
  3. Type the Fact Details as needed.
  4. Click Save.
  5. To update the Profile picture for the person, watch this video.
    AC—How Do I Upload a Profile Image?—0:55
  6. For more info on adding details, watch this video.
    AC—Adding a New Fact to Your Ancestor's Timeline—1:02

C Add and print Facts in a person's Profile.

  1. Click Add at the top of the Facts panel, or click Add Fact at the bottom of the Facts panel.
  2. Click "Select an event type" and choose the event from the list.
  3. Type the Fact Details as needed.
  4. Click Add.
  5. To print a list of facts for the selected person, a) Click the Tools menu and select Print; b) If you want to print only certain Facts in the Print page, click Customize and select the Fact types from the drop-down list; and c) Click Print.
  6. For more info on printing Facts pages, watch this video.
    AC—How Do I Print Out a Facts Page?—0:18
  7. To learn about adding alternate facts, read this article.
    AC—Adding Alternate Facts

D Add notes and comments for a person.

  1. In a Profile page, click the Tools icon and select View Notes. The Notes / Comments window appears on the right.
  2. With Note selected, type notes for the person. The notes are saved as you type.
  3. For more info on adding notes, watch this video.
    AC—Managing Comments on Your Tree—0:38
  4. To add a comment, a) Click Comments; b) Type your comment for the person; and c) Click Submit. Comments can be seen by anyone who has access to your tree.
  5. When you are finished with the Notes and Comments, click the X to close the window.
  6. You can also edit or delete comments. For more info, watch these videos.
    AC—Leaving Notes for Yourself—0:41
    | AC—Leaving a Comment for Another Member—0:47
  7. For more info on adding notes and comments, read this article.
    AC—Notes and Comments
  8. To display all the research tools in a ribbon below the person's name in the Profile, click Tools and select Show Research Tools. To hide the ribbon, click Show Research Tools again.

Goal 3: Add or remove people in your Ancestry tree.

As you add people to your tree, make sure you fill in essential information and connect them in the tree correctly. The Choices below assume that the Pedigree view is used.


A Add a relative for the home person.

  1. At the bottom of the home person's box (you can change the home person to someone else in your tree), click Add Relative.
  2. Select Brother, Sister, Spouse, or Child.
  3. If the person to be added may already be in the tree, a) Click Select Someone in Your Tree; b) Type the name of the person and select it from the drop-down list; and c) Click Save.
  4. If the person to be added is not in your tree, a) Click Add New Person; b) Fill in as many details as you can (name, birth date, birthplace, etc.); and c) Click Save. Tip: Select place names from the drop-down lists.
  5. For tips on adding a person to your tree, watch this video.
    AC—How Do I Add a New Person to My Tree?—0:45

B Add a father or mother for a person in your tree.

  1. At the end of one of your family lines, click an "Add Father" or "Add Mother" box.
  2. Assuming the person to be added is not in your tree (see Choice A above), fill in as many details as you can (name, birth date, birthplace, death date, death place). Select place names from the drop-down lists as you type.
  3. Click Save.
  4. For tips on adding a parent to someone in your tree, watch this video.
    AC—How to Add a Parent to Someone in Your Tree—1:04
  5. To learn how to add a second spouse, watch this video.
    AC—How to Add a Second Spouse—0:42
  6. To add an unmarried parent to your tree, read this article.
    AC—Adding Unmarried Parents to a Tree

C Add a relative (child, spouse, or sibling) for a person in your tree.

  1. Click a person in the tree who will have a family member added. The person's Summary is displayed.
  2. Click the Tools icon and select Add Relative.
  3. Follow steps 2-4 in Choice A above.
  4. You can also add a family member this way: a) Click a person in the tree; b) Click Profile; c) In the Family section of the Profile (right side), click Add; d) Select Spouse, Son, Daughter, Brother, or Sister; e) Fill in the details and click Save.
  5. For tips on adding a child for someone in your tree, watch this video.
    AC—Adding a New Child to Someone in Your Tree—0:44
  6. To add an unrelated person to your tree, read this article.
    AC—Adding an Unrelated Person to Your Tree

D Remove a person from your tree.

Note: Be sure you are removing the correct person, If not, you will need to re-enter that person's information.

  1. In the tree view, click the name of the person to be removed.
  2. Click the Tools icon and select Delete this person.
  3. Click Delete to remove the person from the tree.

Goal 4: Edit family relationships for people in your tree.

People lists and relationship reports help you quickly find people and see their information and relationships. This is especially helpful as your tree grows in size.


A Edit family relationships.

  1. In a person's Profile, click the Edit (pencil) icon and select Edit Relationships. A list of family members for the person is shown.
  2. To remove a person's relationship to this family (but not deleting the person from the tree), click the X icon next to the person's name.
  3. To change a father's, mother's or child's relationship in the family, click the drop-down-list hints next to the person's name and select one of these: Biological, Adopted, Step, Foster, Related, Guardian, Private, or Unknown.
  4. To change a spouse's relationship in the family, click the drop-down-list next to the person's name and select one of these: Spouse, Partner, Friend, Single, Other, or Unknown.
  5. To add an alternate father for the family, click "Add Alternate Father". If the person is already in the tree, type and select the alternate father's name and click Save. If the person is not in the tree, click Add New Person, fill out the fields, and click Save .
  6. To add an alternate mother for the family, or an alternate spouse, or an additional child, click the corresponding link and complete the dialog as explained in the previous step.
  7. For more info on changing relationships, watch the video or read the article.
    AC—How to Change a Relationship—0:52

    AC—Fixing Relationships

Goal 5: Explore hints for people in your tree.

Hints are pieces of information about records, photos, stories, etc. for persons in your tree.


A Find hints for an individual in your tree.

  1. In the Tree view, find a person with a green leaf next to the name.
  2. Click the leaf to show the Summary; then click the leaf in the upper-right corner of the Summary. (From the Summary you can also click Profile and then click the Hints tab.)
  3. To review a hint, click Review. For tips on reviewing hints, see Choice C below.
  4. To ignore a hint, click Ignore and then click the X to remove the notification.
  5. Click the link or photo for the record (left side) to display it.

  6. To get more room for seeing hints, click Hide Family (right side). You can click Show Family to show family members again. Note: Clicking links in the Family section on the right displays the Facts tab (not the Hints tab).

B See all hints for your tree.

  1. Click the tree name and select All Hints. Or, in the homepage you can click "View all people with links".
  2. To change the type of hints listed, click Records, Photos, Stories, or Member Trees.
  3. To sort your list of hints differently, click the Sort By button and select Most Recent, Last Name, or First Name.
  4. To reduce the size of your list, a) Click Filter by Name; b) Type a last name or first name, or both; and c) Click Search.
  5. To change the type of hints listed, click Records, Photos, Stories, or Member Trees.
  6. To show or hide family members of the person with the record hint, click the family icon (upper right).
  7. To jump to the next page of hints, click the left or right page-number arrow (top or bottom of the screen). To jump to another page, type a page number in the box and click the arrow.

C Review hints for people in your tree.

  1. After opening the hints window (see Choice A or B above), read the information that appears in the summary window at the top of the screen. (You may be able to scroll to see additional children in the summary window.) This information is taken from your tree. You will need to decide if the record information shown in this hint matches the person in your tree, as explained below.
  2. Read the summary information in the middle of the screen and the source citation information at the bottom of the screen.
  3. To examine the record that produced the hint information, click View. You may find more sources in the Suggested Records area on the right. For tips on viewing records, see Choice D below.

  4. If this record is a match for the person in your tree, click Yes to attach the record; if it is not a match, click No. If you are not sure, click Maybe to defer the matching decision to later.
  5. To display the record hint page in a printer-friendly view, click the printer icon.
  6. To share the page on social media, click the Share icon and select Email, Facebook, Google, or Twitter. Then follow the steps in the dialogs to email or post the page.
  7. For more information on Hints and Suggested Records, read these articles.
    Should You Take Ancestry's Suggestions? | The Truth About Ancestry’s Hints
  8. 2018-01-01
  9. To learn how to detach a record you have attached by mistake, watch this video.
    AC—Detaching Records from Your Online Family Tree—8:41
  10. 2018-02-16

D Get tips for viewing records.

  1. Open a record (see Choice C above).
  2. In the top bar, you can click Yes, No, or Maybe for the record match status (see Choice C above) or click the back arrow (left side) to return to the Hints page.
  3. To display the record in full-screen mode, click the full-screen icon (top of the toolbar). To return to normal view, click the icon again.
  4. To zoom in or out on the record, click the plus or minus icons in the toolbar; or drag the slider bar up or down.
  5. To move to another page in the record, click the left or right arrow (edges of the page); or a) Click the page number box (bottom of the page); b) Type the number of the page to move to; and c) Click Go.
  6. To display the Details pane with additional details about the record, click the arrow icon in the toolbar. This displays the Detail | Related | Source icon.
    • To see related record links, click Related. You can also find out which Ancestry members have saved this record to their trees, by clicking an individual's photo or clicking the "View all ... members" link. You can then click a member's name to view his or her profile.
    • To see source information for the record, click Source. To copy all the source text, click Select All Text and copy it to your clipboard (Ctrl+C or Cmd+C).
    • To close the Details pane, click the X (upper right).
  7. To see thumbnail images of the record pages, click the filmstrip icon at the bottom of the page.
  8. Click the tool icon in the toolbar to see the following options:
    • Print—Select "Print entire image" or "Print zoomed view"; then click Continue to display the Print dialog.
    • Download—Copy the image file to your download directory
    • Share—(See Choice C above)
    • Rotate left—Rotate the image left 90 degrees
    • Rotate right—Rotate the image right 90 degrees
    • Flip horizontal— Swap the left and right sides in the view
    • Flip vertical—Rotate 180degrees (upside-down)
    • Invert colors—Swap dark for light and light for dark in the image
    • Settings—Mouse Wheel to Zoom (on/off); Basic Viewer (on/off); Enhanced Images (on/off)

E (Optional) Provide alternate information and perform other tasks.

  1. Open the record hints page for the person.
  2. If the "View blank form" link is available, you can click it to open a blank worksheet for the record.
  3. To view alternate information for a record hint, click the "View/add alternate info" link. You can see what other Ancestry members have added to the record.
  4. To add a different name to the record, a) Click Add Your Own; b) Click the "Provide alternate ..." drop-down list and select "Name"; c) Click the Reason drop-down list and select the reason for the alternate name; d) Type the new given name and surname; and e) Click Submit Alternate.
  5. To display the index for the record, if available, click the Show Index icon. You can scroll to see given names and surnames in the record, and you can drag the black Index bar to see more names. To clear the Index window, click the X on the Index bar.
  6. To report an issue with a record, a) Go to the Hints page and click Report Issue; b) Click the "Select an issue" drop-down list and choose "Problem with an image ..."; c) Click Continue to report the image.

Goal 6: Add and view sources for ancestor records.

Adding sources to a person's page helps show the evidence for the dates and other information that have been added.


A Add sources to a record.

  1. Open a Profile window for someone in your tree.
  2. In the Sources section, click Add Source.
  3. If you have existing sources recorded, such as those imported with a GEDCOM file, click "Select a source" (step 1) and select your source from the drop-down list. Once you select the source, you can click "edit this source" to make changes to the source fields.
  4. To create a source, click "create a new source" (step 1) and fill in the fields for the source. If you need to create a repository entry, a) Click "create a new repository"; b) Fill in the information fields; and c) Click Save Repository. Then click Save Source.
  5. Fill in the fields for Citation (step 2) to provide source details. For help with understanding source citations, click the "Learn more" link (right side of the page).
  6. Select Facts or Events from the list that apply to this source (step 3).
  7. Click Submit. The source now appears in the Sources list on the person's Profile page.
  8. For tips on managing your sources, read this article.
    AC—Managing Sources in Trees

B Search for sources for the person.

  1. In the Sources section, click Search on Ancestry.
  2. In the "All results" page that appears, click a records link in the center area.
  3. Click Save and select Save this record to (name).
  4. If the record matches the information for your person, click Save to Your Tree. The source then appears in the Sources area of the person's Profile.

C Add web links for sources you find on the Internet.

  1. In a person's Profile, click Add Web Link (Sources section).
  2. Type the URL for the link.
  3. Type a name of your choosing for the link.
  4. Click Add. The web link now appears in the Sources list on the person's Profile page.
  5. For more info on using web links, watch these videos.
    AC—Adding a Web Link to Your Facts Page—0:44
    | AC—Ancestry Online Trees: Using Web Links—17:42
  6. 2018-02-16

Goal 7: Perform other tree management tasks.

You can merge duplicate individuals in your tree, or save individuals to another tree.


A Merge duplicate individuals in your tree.

  1. To find possible duplicate individuals, generate a list of all individuals (click the Find Person icon and select "List of All People") and scan for duplicate dates.
  2. Open the Profile for a person who may have duplicate entries in your tree.
  3. Click Tools and select Merge with Duplicate. In the Merge Duplicate People screen, the person you selected in shown as Person 1, and possible duplicate individuals are shown for Person 2.
  4. If a name entry for Person 2 seems to be a duplicate for Person 1, click Select next to that person's name. Otherwise, you can type the name of the duplicate person in the "Find a person in this tree" box and select the name from the list.
  5. In the Merge Duplicate People screen, study the facts for the two people. Identical facts are marked with a gray "Same" icon. To display more details, click the green Compare button. Note that all relationships and events will be combined into the Profile for Person 1 when the merge is complete.
  6. If you decide that Person 2 is not a duplicate, you can click "Select a different person" to return to the selection screen; or click Cancel.
  7. To merge the two individuals, click Merge. The Profile for Person 1 is now updated, and Person 2 is removed from the tree.
  8. For more info on merging duplicate individuals, read the article or watch the video.
    AC—Merging Duplicate People

    AC—How Do I Merge Duplicate People?

B Save an individual to another tree.

You can save (copy) an individual from your current tree to another tree.

  1. Open the Profile for the person you want to copy to another tree.
  2. Click Tools and select Save to Tree.
  3. To complete the process, follow the steps in this article.
    AC—Copying People from Trees

C (Optional) Copy a tree to another account.

If you have multiple accounts, you can copy a tree from one account to another.

  1. To copy your tree to another account you own, follow the steps in this article.
    AC—Moving Trees between Accounts

D Keep track of who the ancestors are in your family tree.

  1. Learn how to keep track of your family tree.
    AC—Keeping Track of Where You Are in Your Family Tree—31:47
  2. Learn how to deal with errors you find in online family trees.
    AC—Dealing With Errors in Online Family Trees—33:47