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Project 5: Indexing

Goal 1: Learn about Indexing

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Goal 1: Learn what indexing is and why it's essential for research.

Indexing makes records searchable online. When you index, you aid researchers by typing historical documents so they can be published online.


A Learn about the purpose of indexing.

  1. To get an introduction to indexing, watch these videos.

    FS—How It Works—3:00
    | FS: Indexing is Vital for Researching—2:00

  2. Learn more about what's going on with indexing in the FamilySearch Indexing Blog and this FamilySearch blog:

    FS—Indexing is More Important Now than Ever

  3. Read this article for information on supported devices and browsers for indexing.

    FS—System Requirements for FamilySearch Indexing
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  4. To learn how to fix indexing or transcription errors in records, read this article.

    FS—How do I fix indexing or transcription errors in historical records?
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