Leadership Resources

Using The Family History Guide in wards and stakes


Here you will find resources for using The Family History Guide for ward and stake leaders, Temple and Family History Consultants, and missionaries in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Note : These materials are not produced or endorsed by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. They are created and owned by The Family History Guide Association, which is responsible for their content. Please read the Terms of Use and copyright statements in the materials before using them.

Also, these materials are not intended to replace or supersede any official Church materials or policies; they are to be used as a supplement to facilitate and accelerate family history learning and involvement in Church settings. The Family History Guide is approved by FamilySearch as a training resource for family history.

For information on ward family history plans and priesthood instruction, see Elder Bednar's video. The Family History Guide does not provide ward family history plans, but it can be a valuable resource as plans are developed in wards.


The following types of training resources are presented here:

Leadership Training

This slide deck shows ward and stake leaders how The Family History Guide can help them increase family history participation and enjoyment in their organizations (Elder's Quorum, Relief Society, Young Men and Young Women, Primary, Ward Mission, etc.).

Leadership Training for The Family History Guide

Come, Follow Me Family History Companion

This slide deck explains the family history Companion for Come, Follow Me, on The Family History Guide website. The slides can be used in a lesson or fireside to introduce the Companion, or to raise awareness about how the Companion can add a family history perspective to home-centered gospel study.

Come, Follow Me Presentation

Family History Activities for Latter-day Saints

The Family History Guide has Activities sections especially for Latter-day Saints:

Ward Family History Ideas

Here are additional family history resources for wards (these can be modified for ward use):

Temple and Family History Consultants

This slide deck provides training for using The Family History Guide to help Consultants accelerate their learning and master family history skills.

Temple & Family History Consultant Training


The first PDF document below is an overview of how The Family History Guide can be effectively used in missionary work, whether in wards and stakes or in missions. The second PDF document describes how missionaries can be trained on using The Family History Guide in cojunction with their finding and teaching efforts. The third is a half-sheet pass-along flyer for missionaries.

Note : The Pass-along cards for The Family History Guide are an essential tool for sharing The Family History Guide with others, and they can be used by missionaries and members alike.

Statistics and Reports

The Family History Guide provides helpful statistics on learning progress, through the Online Tracker. Individuals can track their own learning progress, and any organization can track learning progress of their voluntary group members with statistical reports. For example, an individual can see how many Goals he or she has accomplished, and an Elder's Quorum or Relief Society leader can see similar information for their organizations.

Note : Report information is based on voluntary email addresses for those using the Online Tracker. No Church lists or confidential data are used.

Here is a sample report (click to enlarge):

For information on using the Online Tracker, see Online Tracker Help in The Family History Guide.