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Come, Follow Me Companion

Family History Activities


We have created this family history companion to Come, Follow Me to provide related family history activities. These can enrich your home-centered gospel study, while aiding your family in reaping the benefits and blessings of incorporating more family history into your lives.

Feel free to explore the activities listed each week, and find more ideas in The Family History Guide Activities section. You can also watch a brief video about the Companion here.

Weekly Schedule

Click a colored link below to open Family History Activities for the corresponding week in Come, Follow Me.

January 1–67–1314–2021–27
February Jan 28–Feb 34–1011–1718–24
April 1–1415–2122–28
July 1–78–1415–2122–28
September Aug 26–Sep 12–89–1516–2223–29
October Sep 30–Oct 13  14–20  21–27
November Oct 28–Nov 3  4–10  11–17  18–24
December Nov 25–Dec 1  2–8  9–15  16–22  23–29


Come, Follow Me :

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Using the Companion

Here are some suggestions for getting the most out of the Come, Follow Me Companion for family history: