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Come, Follow Me Companion

Family History Activities


We have created this family history companion to Come, Follow Me to provide related family history activities. These can enrich your home-centered gospel study, while aiding your family in reaping the benefits and blessings of incorporating more family history into your lives.

You can find family history activities for the current Come, Follow Me week in the Weekly Schedule below. You can also use the Schedule link at the top of the page. For an additional learning program about family history, visit the Study Center.

For additional family history activity ideas, see The Family History Guide activities for families, individuals, youth, and children, and the In-home and Online Activities on FamilySearch. You can also watch a brief video about the Companion here.

Weekly Schedule and Other Links

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Come, Follow Me :

From our Prophets and Apostles :

Using the Companion

Here are some suggestions for getting the most out of the Come, Follow Me Companion for family history: