England Goals:  1: Research   2: Vital Records   3: Civil Registrations   4: Census   5: Probate Records   6: Church and Cemetery Records   7: Emigration and Immigration   8: Archives and Libraries   9: Military Records   10: Maps   11: Newspapers   12: Websites   13: Search Records   14: Get Help

Project 9: England

Explore research in England.

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Goal 1: Learn about research in England.


A. Get started with research in England.

  1. These resources are helpful for getting started with research in England.
    FS—Wiki: England Genealogy

    FS—Getting Started, Lesson 1
  2. Get an overview of record types for English research.
    GP—Genealogy Research Guide
  3. Learn about record resources for English research in this About.com article.
    AB—English Genealogy 101
  4. Get tips for finding records in England.
    AC—Tips for Finding Records in England
  5. Get familiar with recommended websites for English research.
    FS—England Online Websites—57:14
  6. Use charts and templates to aid in tracking your English research.
    Family History Charts

B. Explore English research in more depth.

  1. Go more in depth with British Isles research with these videos.
    BYU—How to Do British Research—27:00
    | FS—England Research using FamilySearch—35:58
  2. Learn problem-solving strategies for British research.
    FS—British Research, Problem-Solving Strategies—4 pgs.
    | Genealogy Tips
  3. Explore earlier resources for British Isles research (1688-1837).
    FS—Principal Sources for British Research, Pre-1837—25:47
  4. Learn how to decipher English handwriting from 1500-1700.
  5. Learn English paleography in this BYU Script Tutorial.

Goal 2: Explore British vital records for birth, marriage, and death.


A. Learn about British and Welsh vital records.

  1. Learn about the resources available in the GRO (General Register Office) Index.
    GRO Index of England and Wales
  2. Learn more about birth and baptism records in the U.K. Baptisms site.
  3. Learn about England and Wales adoptions in this research guide.
    National Archives: Adoptions
  4. Learn how to research adopted persons in England and Wales.

B. Explore birth and marriage records in England.

  1. Learn about birth certificates in England and Wales.
    A Birth Certificate in England and Wales
  2. Explore birth, christening, and baptism records. Choose Birth in the England Research Guidance table of the article.
    FS—English Birth, Christening, Baptism Date
  3. Learn about marriage certificates in England and Wales.
    Guide to a Marriage Certificate in England and Wales
  4. Explore marriage records. Choose Marriage in the England Research Guidance table of the article.
    FS—English Marriage Date
  5. Visit www.marriagerecords.me.uk or Phillimore Marriages for more information about marriage records in the U.K.
  6. Learn about divorce records in England.
    National Archives: Divorces

C. Explore death records in England.

  1. Learn about death certificates in England and Wales.
    Death Certificates in England and Wales
  2. Explore death records. Choose Death in the England Research Guidance table of the article.
    FS—English Death and Burial Datesl
  3. Learn more about burial and death records in the U.K. Burials site.
  4. To explore BMD records in more depth, visit the U.K. BMD site.

Goal 3: Explore British civil registration records.


A. Get acquainted with British civil registration.

  1. Learn about British civil registration in these articles
    FS—Wiki: English Civil Registration
    | FS—Tracing Elusive Pre-1837 Records—8 pgs.
  2. Read about the basics of civil registration on the About.genealogy.com site.
    FS—Wiki: English Civil Registration
  3. Explore these FAQs about British civil registration:

B. Learn more about civil registration.

  1. Watch this video to go into more depth with civil registration.
    FS—Civil Registration, Lesson 3—20:00
  2. Explore the FreeBMD (Births, Marriages, Deaths) site.
  3. Explore the UKBMD site.
  4. Visit the Civil Registration section of the FamilySearch Wiki links article.
  5. Research civil registration records using the GRO (General Register Office).
    AB: Researching Civil Registration in the GRO

Goal 4: Learn about census records.


A. Learn about British census records.

  1. Get an introduction to England and Wales census records in this how-to article.
    FS—England and Wales Census Records
  2. Learn about researching ancestors in the British census in this About.com article.
    AB—Researching Ancestors in the British Census
  3. Visit the Census Records section of the FamilySearch Wiki links article.
  4. Learn about British census records in these articles.
    FS—Wiki: English Census
    | FS—England and Wales Census Records—4 pgs.
  5. Explore the CensusLinks site for English census records by county.
  6. Watch these videos to learn about using census records from England and Wales.
    FS—Understanding Census Records—15:00
    | FS—England and Wales Census Records—33:11

Goal 5: Explore British probate records.


A. Learn about British probate records and wills.

  1. Learn about British probate records in these videos.
    FS—England Probate Records, Part 1—45:30
    | FS—England Probate Records, Part 2—64:38
  2. Learn how to use estate duty records in research.
    FS—Estate Duty, Part 1—10:20
    | FS—Estate Duty, Part 2—15:11
  3. Learn how to locate and obtain estate duty records.
    FS—Estate Duty, Part 1—10:20
  4. Learn about wills and probate records in the National Archives.
    National Archives: Wills and Probate before 1858
    | National Archives: Wills or Administrations after 1858
  5. Explore research in wills and probate records.
    AB—Research in Wills and Probate Records
  6. Visit the Wills / Probate section of the FamilySearch Wiki links article.
    FS—Research in Wills and Probate Records
  7. Learn about records of the poor in England.
    FS—Records of the Poor in England

Goal 6: Explore church and cemetery records in England.


A. Learn about church records in England.

  1. Get acquainted with church records in this video.
    FS—Understanding Church Records—20:00
  2. Learn about British church records in this FamilySearch Wiki article.
    FS—Wiki: English Church Records
  3. Visit the Church Records section of the FamilySearch Wiki links article.
    FS—Church Records
  4. Learn about Nonconformists in British church records.
    FS—England Nonconformist Church Records, Part 1—28:02
    | FS—England Nonconformist Church Records, Part 1—28:57
  5. Learn about Nonconformist church records in the National Archives.
    National Archives: Nonconformists
    | National Archives: Nonconformist BMD Records
  6. Learn about Catholic church records in England.
    National Archives: Catholics

B. Explore Church of England records and parish registers.

  1. Read this article for an introduction to Church of England records.
    FS—Church of England Church Records—4 pgs.
  2. Watch these videos for more information about Church of England records.
    FS—Church of England Church Records, Part 1—27:56
    | FS—Church of England Church Records, Part 2—26:56
  3. Learn about baptism records in parish registers.
    Baptism Records in Parish Registers
  4. Learn about marriage records in parish registers.
    Marriage Records in Parish Registers
  5. Learn about burial records in parish registers.
    Burial Records in Parish Registers
  6. Learn more about parish chests, where local parish records were often stored.
    FS—The Parish Chest, Part 1—22:05

    FS—The Parish Chest—4 pgs.
  7. Explore indexed parish records at the FreeReg site.

C. Explore England cemetery information.

  1. Learn about England cemetery records.
    FS—England Records from the Grave—4 pgs.
  2. Learn about memorial inscriptions and gravestones.
    Memorial Inscriptions and Gravestones
  3. Search the FindaGrave site for cemetery records.
  4. Search the BillionGraves site for cemetery records.

Goal 7: Explore emigration and immigration in England.


A. Learn about emigration and immigration resources.

  1. Learn about emigration and immigration in this FamilySearch Wiki article.
    England Emigration and Immigration
  2. Learn about immigration to England.
    National Archives: Immigration
  3. Learn about naturalization and British citizenship.
    National Archives: Naturalisation and British Citizenship
  4. Learn about English emigration to a variety of countries.
    National Archives: Emigration
  5. Learn about English passenger lists.
    National Archives: Passengers
  6. Learn about early emigration to the American Colonies and West Indies.
    National Archives: American and West Indian Colonies

B. Explore other emigration resources on websites.

  1. Visit the following websites for information on English emigration and immigration:
  2. Explore the Immigrant Ship site. Select a Volume, then choose England as the departure or arrival location.

Goal 8: Explore archives and libraries in England.


A. Explore archives and libraries in England.

  1. Learn about archives and libraries in England in this FamilySearch Wiki article.
    FS—Wiki: English Archives and Libraries
  2. Learn about the PRO (Public Record Office) of England in this GenealogyPro article.
    GP—Overview of the Public Record Office
  3. Explore free books online on the GenGateway site.
  4. Explore the Books We Own site for books that can be checked out or researched for you by others.

B. Learn about the British National Archives.

  1. Get familiar with the British National Archives website.
    FS—Getting the Most from the National Archives Website—23:00
  2. Use the research guides available on the National Archives site to explore a range of research topics.

Goal 9: Explore military records in England.


A. Learn about military records.

  1. Learn about military records in England in this FamilySearch Wiki article.
    FS—Wiki: English Military Records
  2. Learn about British military records in this FamilySearch Wiki article.
    FS—Wiki: British Military Records
  3. Learn about military records in the National Archives.
    Military Records in the National Archives
    | National Archives: Army Regiments
  4. Learn about militia records in England (1522-1907).
    National Archives: Militia

B. Explore British military records.

  1. Search for British military records online.
    FS—Wiki: British Military Records Online
  2. Explore the Commonwealth War Graves Commission site for records of World War I and II casualties.
  3. Find British military resources on the Family History Alive site.

Goal 10: Explore map resources for England.


A. Learn about English maps for your research.

  1. Learn about maps in England in this FamilySearch Wiki article. There is a clickable map of counties on the main page.
    FS—Wiki: English Maps
  2. Visit the Maps, Gazetteers, and Placenames section of the FamilySearch Wiki article.
  3. Learn more about maps and gazetteers in England.
    FS—England Maps and Gazetteers—4 pgs.

B. Explore English map resources.

  1. Explore the David Rumsey collection of England maps.
  2. Explore the Perry-Castaneda site for maps of England.
  3. Access the Great Britain Atlas and Index of Parish Registers.
  4. Explore old maps of England in the 1900 Collection.
  5. Access English map resources in the About.com site.
  6. Explore the Old Maps Online site for England maps.

Goal 11: Explore newspaper resources for England.


A. Learn about English newspapers.

  1. Learn about newspapers in England in this FamilySearch Wiki article.
    FS—Wiki: English Newspapers
  2. Learn about newspaper resources in the National Archives.
    National Archives: Newspapers

B. Explore England newspapers for ancestor research.

  1. Search England newspapers in the onlinenewspapers.com site: A-K or
  2. Search English newspapers in the newspapers.com site.
  3. Search England newspapers in the world-newspapers.com site.
  4. Search English newspapers in the ABYZ News Links site.

Goal 12: Goal 12: Explore additional websites for research.


A. There are a number of websites with valuable resources for English research.

  1. Explore links in Cyndi's List.
  2. Explore links in Kindred Trails.
  3. Explore links in GenealogyLinks.net.
  4. Explore surname distribution (a map where certain surnames are prevalent) in England.
  5. Explore other research sites for England.

Goal 13: Search records from England.


A. Use links to quickly search the most common record collections for England.

Note: To search records on these sites, you must be registered or be at a FamilySearch Center.

  1. Click a link in the first section to search a FamilySearch collection.
  2. Click a link in the second section to search an Ancestry collection.

B. Explore additional record collections.

  1. Explore the FamilySearch page for English online record collections.
  2. In each program (FamilySearch, Ancestry, Findmypast or MyHeritage), explore additional record collections besides the ones listed in QUIKLinks on this page.

C. Explore GenealogyInTime for English records.

  1. Explore the England and Wales page of the GenealogyInTime website. Record collections are listed and described in order from newest to oldest additions, including FamilySearch, Ancestry, and many other sources.

Goal 14: Get help with your English research.


A. Use Facebook pages to get answers to your questions.

  1. Visit the British Isles Genealogy Research Community on Facebook.
  2. Visit the England Genealogy! Just Ask! page on Facebook.
  3. Visit the Genealogy Links UK page on Facebook.
  4. See the Genealogy on Facebook list of Facebook groups dedicated to helping with research for England.

B. Join a mailing list or message board for England research.

  1. Get free help with your England research questions from members of the RootsChat forum.
  2. Search the RootsWeb site for England research mailing lists.
  3. Explore the English research mailing lists available on Cyndi's list.
  4. Join the RootsWeb message board for England.

C. Learn about England genealogy societies.

  1. Learn about England genealogy societies in this FamilySearch Wiki article.
    FS—Wiki: England Societies
  2. Learn about England genealogy societies in the Family Tree Resources site.
    Family History Societies in Genealogical Research
  3. Explore England genealogy society sites on Cyndi's list.
  4. Contact the British National Archives for help with questions.


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