Find, Take, Teach

The Find, Take, Teach program is designed to help Latter-day Saints find ancestors whose temple work needs to be done, take those names to the temple, and teach others, such as family members, how this process works.

The Find, Take, Teach program is explained in detail in   this video on the site.

Note that it focuses on descendancy research, but you can also use traditional research methods for finding ancestors.

You can use The Family History Guide to explore each aspect of Find, Take, and Teach. Project 3: Ordinances has several Goals that support the program, as listed below. Before you begin, be sure to study Goal 1 to learn about temple icons and policies in FamilySearch.

Find: Descendancy Research

                * Project 3, Goal 3: Use FamilySearch to identify one or more lines to do Descendancy research on for ordinances.

Find: Traditional and Other Research

                * Project 3, Goal 2: Find Temple Opportunities or "green-icon" ancestors and reserve their names for ordinances.

                * Project 3, Goal 4: Use other resources to search for ancestors who need ordinance work done.


   * Project 3, Goal 5: Arrange for your reserved names to be printed on cards at a temple.


   * Share this web page - -
   with a friend to show how The Family History Guide helps with the Find, Take, Teach program.

   * Project 6, Goal 4: Help another FamilySearch user with his or her family tree.

                              * Training, Classroom Modules, Project 3B: Teach a class on finding and preparing ordinances with The Family History Guide.