Cousin Connections Can Bring Astonishing Results

Have you gone to the Memories section of Family Search yet?  The Family History Guide can teach you how to use this valuable section that is accessible on the Home page Project 2.  The Memories Section of FamilySearch is a compilation of photos and stories and documents that you or others can add to your ancestors’ pages.  The advantage to that is that once added, they can be preserved and shared in a safe place for all to enjoy.  It is so worthwhile to learn how to use this feature of FamilySearch Family Tree.  Your precious photos and documents will be so much safer there than is a box somewhere.

As we search for and gather these items, I was reminded of how vitally important our cousins are in helping us find and preserve these sources of documentation for our deceased family members.  You may have more cousins than you realize as you go forward doing your family history.  Over the past 7 years I have found several cousins that I did not know previously that are also doing our family history.  We collaborate now and this really reduces a lot of duplication of our efforts.  One is a first cousin whom none of our family was aware of until just three years ago.

I reached out to one cousin, whom I had only met once as a child, regarding our common grandparents.  Once she realized I was doing Family History she was very generous and sent me a great deal of information her mother had left her.  She had no particular interest and was planning to throw it out.  Instead she mailed it all to me.  In the packet was a wonderful, flawless portrait of my great grandfather, Thomas Rees. 1846-1898

She also included his obituary that was written in Welsh in a New Cambria, Missouri newspaper. That was filled with valuable information about his life.

It took about a week to translate it but it was so worth the time and effort.  This obituary was the gateway to finding several generations in our family, all the siblings of my great-grandfather. Even though there were only four boys listed in the obituary, Thomas had four other siblings still living in Wales.  We were able to visit their village in Rhandirmwyn, Carmarthenshire two years ago.  Their home was even still standing and we met locals who have become friends.  Now, these precious ancestors, who suffered and sacrificed greatly can be remembered forever through the Memories section of Family Search/Family Tree.  Being able to learn how to use this feature in the Family History Guide can help you do the same. Never hesitate to check with your cousins about common ancestors.

Bonnie Mattson

Bonnie Mattson

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  1. I agree that there are so many family history miracles that can come from cousin connections! Thanks for sharing, Bonnie.